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  1. IceUul

    Please help find an alternative for Denon AH-D2000

    You will not find same signature and sound in other headphones, they are different. Add 100$ and buy another pair for 300$ for yourself.
  2. IceUul

    Falling in love with your wife

    Just to mention that usually only grown up people marry and they are not growing anymore...    About post, true story! From my own experience.
  3. IceUul

    Life after Yggdrasil?

    Theta DAC's very hard to find on market at the moment. At most of them are in bad condition.   I already have Yggdrassil, i also wanted to get second DAC for myself, but something different. So i can recommend this: Sonic Frontiers - tube output, R2R design, most analog type voice, very...
  4. IceUul

    Audeze LCD-4

    I guess i need to find another hobby, i just got money together for LCD-3 Fazors and now new flagship coming, i need to live really poor or start criminal career to keep up with this kind of equipment.
  5. IceUul

    Welcome to the SchiitShow!

    I hope for something i would buy: 1. Portable fulla with battery for 100$ 2. Power conditioner for 500$ what is same good as other producer's 5000$ product.   3.  Tube output upgrade for yggdrasil to bybass JFET buffers.
  6. IceUul

    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    I would like to see nice portable dac in your product line. Size that can put inside the pocket and conneted with usb to music player/mobile phone. Would be nice to have amp section also, something that can beat Chord Hugo in price and quality.   Also i would like to see tubes on your topline...
  7. IceUul

    CanJam Music Appreciation Contest

    No song at all, just searching for songs to match HE-1000 what i have never tried it is not worth even 3 pairs of RE-300 IEM-s.
  8. IceUul

    Would this work?

    It would work. Starting from Windows 7, you can set different playback and recoding devices in Windows control panel under the sound. Just set playback to modi and recoding to usb device with microphone input.
  9. IceUul

    320 kbps vs better quality.

    For decent audiophile equipment you can hear the difference, how much? It depents the quality of the initial recording and your sound equipment. I have tested this on many tracks, my hearing is not perfect, for very simple songs i cannot hear difference between 320k and flac. But most music has...
  10. IceUul

    Should I buy Sennheiser HD800, HD700 or Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla

    Since i have HD800 and T1 and heard HD700 many times, then short recommendation: HD800: Best of these 3, if you have proper amp and you listen high-quality music. Bad amp/dac combo and not suitable/bad quality music make it sounds really bad. Very neutral, best soundstage. Beyer T1: Good all...
  11. IceUul

    Woo Audio WA2 and WA22 Comparisons...finally finished...whew.

    Did you ever tried difference between Tungsol 5998 and 7236? I got 5998 tubes today but 7236 are very hard to find.
  12. IceUul

    Need some help with my HD800 and WA22 system upgrade!

    I decided to upgrade my audiophile gear to new level, but problem is, that i am still not satisfied. My old system was zero dac + HD650 cans. Let's call it 500$ system, for this money you can get decent system with good sound that will be big upgrade over avarage user 50$ cans (which i had...