Need some help with my HD800 and WA22 system upgrade!
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May 18, 2011
I decided to upgrade my audiophile gear to new level, but problem is, that i am still not satisfied.

My old system was zero dac + HD650 cans. Let's call it 500$ system, for this money you can get decent system with good sound that will be big upgrade over avarage user 50$ cans (which i had before).

This autumn i acquired lot of used stuff from headfi and ebay. So i got this system built up:
noisless computer -> usb cable -> Stello DA100 Signature DAC -> Moonaudio Silverdragon XLR interconnects -> Wooaudio WA22 (stock tubes, balanced) -> Sennheiser HD800 (stock cable).

I also got HRS resonance feet for WA22, which is nice small upgrade and added wireworld power cables to DAC and WA22.

Most of the components i choosed because they were sale at this moment with the decent price and reviews about them were good. I spent around 5000$ for this setup, so it is 10 times more expensive than my old setup.
So far all the upgrades made the system sound better, the system sounds really great compared to my older 500$ setup. But i still have feeling that something is wrong or missing.

I mostly listen FLAC and SACD rips highest quality internet can find, mostly Classic, Jazz, Rock, Blues, etc.

I am able to buy the best system money can buy, but i did not want to make too big jumps, from lowest to highest, because i am still not sure how good are my hearing abilities and maybe the 20000$ system is just waste of money, because it will not make big jump from my current system.

I wrote this thread, because i am quite new in audiophile systems and i don't know how some part of the system is affecting the results.
Any suggestions what need to be changed or added are welcome to come!

I feel there are lack of detail and clarity and sound is too harsh. I am considering maybe there are problem with headphones or DAC.

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