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    The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune HD

    Quote: Originally Posted by Laokid18 Zune HD = ME BUYING. LOL Let us know how it is!
  2. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    wow chickenman, your ipod is sexy. every time i see a touch, i debate on holding off on getting a new 32gb model or if i should just wait for the zune hd?
  3. Tem

    Fuze has arrived

    post pics!!!!
  4. Tem

    Do BlackBerries sound half decent?

    What no lmao even a PSP sounds better...surprisingly.
  5. Tem

    sos! zune headphone jack in two!

    You're better off just buying a new mainboard/motherboard and seeing that will work or just scrap whatever you can and buy a whole new DAP.
  6. Tem

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron909 You really inspired me for a new setup. Could I get a list of everything in this photograph? Meaning what monitor/speakers/desk/etc? I don't want to sound annoying but this is absolutely clean and nice.
  7. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by WalkGood Jesus christ bro... That is SEXY!
  8. Tem

    DEAL ALERT - Sansa Clip 8GB $49

    Quote: Originally Posted by homers54321 Tem, if you find out anything about that, let me know. I dont want to drive to the Westbury Wal-mart only to find out that they're not on sale or out of stock. Can't believe a local posts I am from North Babylon...a little...
  9. Tem

    DEAL ALERT - Sansa Clip 8GB $49

    Any confirmations for us here in Long Island, New York? I would like one. *looks at mint condition 80gb zune on desk* lol
  10. Tem

    KSC-75 Inline Remote?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Mm, I have the in-line one plugged into my Xonar U1, and the "normal" one into my Sansa Clip. I never noticed any difference between the two, source disregarded. The only nitpick I have with the in-line volume control is that, yes, it is...
  11. Tem

    KSC-75 Inline Remote?

    Any difference in SQ with or without? Just got a pair today for free brand new. I have the iPod Classic 120GB on full volume and I am using the remote to control volume. Sounds REALLY good so far. Any tips or comments?
  12. Tem

    Samsung Juke?

  13. Tem

    2G Nano Woes

    Yeah. I tried 4 different types of headphones, they all work fine with my PC, my moms laptop, and my 2gb clip, but not the Nano. I am starting to think it is the headphone jack also.
  14. Tem

    2G Nano Woes

    I got a blue second generation 4 gigabyte ipod nano. the audio sounds like...theres no bass but you can just hear the words. everything else works fine. i restored it 3 times. firmware is 1.1.3, Any ideas?
  15. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XII]

    Kinda rediculous how I am hoping to see new pics of peoples rigs....instead quotes of peoples images.
  16. Tem

    Skullcandy coming to Singapore?

    funny how the skullcandy brand sucks but they are selling like mad...
  17. Tem

    Earphones you can mow the lawn with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nickdawg Skullcandy Ink'd buds for $9.99 at FYE(at the mall). Definately not high end, but not bad for something like yard work. glad to see someone taking a stand.
  18. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI]

    wow. that really is old school. brings back alot of memories.
  19. Tem

    Mmmm, Marshmallows!

    I'm sorry but I am blown away right now. These are MUCH BETTER then the Sony MDR-EX71SLA's I had. BY FAR. God....damn. lmao Should I mod? omg omg edit: Kramer modded! They sound so freakin good to me for $12 headphones. I really love these. I might pick up a few more pairs before...
  20. Tem

    Mmmm, Marshmallows!

    Hey guys. i just stopped by pc richards and staples on the way home and noticed they both had JVC Marshmallows. Reading up on this subject before, I assumed the HA-FX33's were the better of the later model, the HA-FX34. Are there any real differences? Should I keep them or return them and get...
  21. Tem

    USB vs AUX Sound Quality?

    In terms of: Sound Card -> USB (Mini System has USB support called "USB Link") Sound Card -> AUX/Gameport (Gameport is for video game consoles but in reality its the same thing) which of the 2 is better? like if i continued using the AUX from the mini system to the sound card of my PC...
  22. Tem

    USB vs AUX Sound Quality?

    Is there a difference? In terms of like hooking a mini system to a PC.
  23. Tem

    Stereo Hookup to PC?

    I have a Phillips stereo that can be hooked up to my PC via USB Link which is what I have been doing, but it also has AUX and "Gamer Port" (similiar to aux). With Gamer Port, I can plug my Sansa Clip into one end the and other end is the Gamer Port which is the red yellow white audio/video...
  24. Tem

    wow! i'm in love!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins ?
  25. Tem

    wow! i'm in love!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins do you need case for a Zune 30 or Zune 80 ??? Mine goes in my pocket just with nothing to protect it....truly a portable gear... Got any pics of your setup?