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  1. moogoob

    Bandcamp promotion thread

    A friend of mine and I use it to distribute our jam recordings... it's a great service!
  2. moogoob

    Your favourite "not the best" headphones?

    Grado SR-80s. (Not the i model, the model that came before without the mushroom cap and comfy pads) They were my second decent pair of headphones, and through they're not as detailed as either the SR-325i goldies or Senn HD-650s, they are my go-to overnight/travelling cans. They fit easily in...
  3. moogoob

    Sharing Itunes Library?

    Yeah, realized that when I recently tried copying some purchased track to my Android phone - surprised me that it worked, and worked easily. :)
  4. moogoob

    What age did you grow out of metal?

    What age did you grow out of *insert your favourite genre here* because obviously if you're X years old you're too old to enjoy it. /sarcasm, if you couldn't tell from the fact my avatar is Opeth's logo.   EDIT: I'm 30, by the way. Love Opeth, Tool, Devil Driver, Type O Negative...
  5. moogoob

    Sharing Itunes Library?

    Depends where the files are from. If you ripped them from CDs, there shouldn't be any problems, but if you bought them from the iTunes store they're likely tied to your account. (I know apple made a big deal about removing DRM a while ago but I didn't keep track on weather they went through with...
  6. moogoob

    K-pop Thread

    Quote: CDs are hard to find unless you import. ITunes has 256Kbps files, and for the price (compared to importing!) it isn't bad. Kpop ain't exactly audiophile material, most of the time so I find no need to be that picky, personally.
  7. moogoob

    K-pop Thread

    Glad to find this thread. :) Yes I'm a bit of a metalhead. Yes, I love SNSD. :D Those two aren't mutually exclusive. :)   So yeah, I stumbled across SNSD about two years ago, and nearly fell in love with Sooyoung, *swoon* and Hyoyeon, for their awesome dancing skills, and Taeyeon for her...
  8. moogoob

    What's your view on custom headphone cables?

    I haven't had any problems with my HD650's stock cables. They're long enough, flexible enough, and sound good. If a cable were to expand on the first two, or even the third (balanced driving sounds fun to try, if I had money to burn) then hey I'd consider it. 
  9. moogoob

    monoprice v augioquest and other "audiophile usb cables

    Quote: Haven't posted for a while, but I have to agree with this poster. Even the most ardent "cable believer" would agree that cables are several steps own in importance in a system. I beleive it usually goes recording>headphones>source (DAC in your case)>amp>and finally interconnects...
  10. moogoob

    Cotton insulated copper wires? Why?

    I think he means that cables (ie in headphones) can carry (physically) vibrations into the earcups/eartips during normal activities like walking, much like a tin-can telephone. Thus, cotton-insulated cables would work great for making custom IEM recables.
  11. moogoob

    record vinyl via usb, the best way?

    I use a really complicated method - RCA-mini cable connecting my phono stage to my Macbook Pro's line-in. :D Sounds just fine. For more fidelity, though, definitely look into the dedicated ADC as mentioned above. Also as mentioned above - USB audio devices generally cannot go better than 48khz...
  12. moogoob

    Mac users, what are your media players?

    Quote: Exactly. :) Macs also make optical-out easy as well, as each of their computers are built with a mini-toslink port in the headphone port.
  13. moogoob

    Dakiom F273 Series Feedback Stabilizer for Headphones

    So... what do they do?   EDIT: I actually took the time to read the site... does anyone have any input on the technical merits of this?
  14. moogoob

    Profiles People!

    That type of information goes in my signature. My profile is out-of-date.
  15. moogoob

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by priest If you can't hear the brightness, you are probably listening at too reasonable a level. Try cranking it up. That's 90% of the "problem" with the 325i right there. All cans have a volume "sweet spot", my HD650s have it pretty loud, with my...
  16. moogoob

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by shavala This is what I have been looking for, a low volume comment on these phones. almost all my listening is low level (work in a cubicle farm). I never much liked the IEM or closed sound factor. Open, tranparent is what works for me. I look forward to...
  17. moogoob

    correct way of turning headroom amps on and off

    Just curious, how is the output on the back handled differently than the headphone one on the front?
  18. moogoob

    Headroom MicroAmps: Driving Sennheiser 650, Denon 5000

    Quote: Originally Posted by MoData Well, I guess it also depends on the strength of the source signal, no? I feel that plugging it into the computer makes it go much clearer. Hmm. You might have a point. I run from an Ultra Micro DAC plugged into my mac via optical - volume from...
  19. moogoob

    Sennheiser hd380 pro = no bass!

    I agree with the rep. I have their older brother, the HD280s, and I use them mainly for recording where its neutral-ish frequency response works quite well and the seal is a godsend. Then I switch to less neutral phones like the 650s for final adjusting of EQs and mix. I agree about the cord...
  20. moogoob

    Apple iPad is Offical

    I love the concept, and think it will go far. I, however, will certainly not buy one. Why? No pressure-sensitive stylus and no multitasking. I want to draw on this thing and I certainly don't want to use my finger. Battery life is nice, and it will certainly appeal to those computer-phobic in...
  21. moogoob

    Headroom MicroAmps: Driving Sennheiser 650, Denon 5000

    9-10 o-clock on high?!? My Senns rarely get above 9-10 o-clock on MEDIUM before my ears start to complain and I get fuzzy hearing after. They are very clear at lower/medium volumes on the Micro.
  22. moogoob

    Effect of Airhead.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kboe Of course the better gear you get the better results you can get, but I have the AirHead and prefer it by a large margin to just the iPod. Sure you can get the same level of volume with the iPod, but remember, amping is not about volume, so much as...
  23. moogoob

    Effect of Airhead.

    Versus straight from an iPod? Not much, just increased volume, mostly. I'm comparing Grado SR80s, which are very similar to the MS-1s. Versus macbook audio out, you'd be better off with the USB of the Bithead.
  24. moogoob

    correct way of turning headroom amps on and off

    I turn the volume down as well.
  25. moogoob

    Canadians: Do you wear shoes in the house?

    Quote: Originally Posted by g4ry I normally take them off. But on rare occasions I will wear shoes inside, depending on how much booze, puke, blood, etc is on the floor from the night before. You must live in a frat house. (addendum: I've lived in a frat house, so I'm not...