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  1. majurglery

    9th Wonder appreciation thread

    I love 9th Wonder, my personal favorite being Little Brother's The Minstrel Show, which he produced. Check out his somewhat new album, The Wonder Years is also a very good album too. 
  2. majurglery

    New Cowon: Iaudio 10, replaces S9

    Quote: haha but not in as sexy of a package as the iAudio 9 or 10 players ;)
  3. majurglery

    New Cowon: Iaudio 10, replaces S9

    god why cant they make an iaudio player with an SD slot or like 64gig internal. They are like the perfect pmp except the storage space... :(
  4. majurglery

    Screw Westone >:(

    Either way I am still very disappointed with Westone, not only at the repair price, but the fact that the product broke. I spent a long time saving for these and took great care of them. I realize that it could be just a fluke or random breakdown, but I was told that BOTH sides low freq driver...
  5. majurglery

    Screw Westone >:(

    Well just one month out of warranty, both low freq drivers on my ES3X break and will now cost $165 to repair. Needless to say im very mad, seeing as I payed out the anus for these customs, but silly me for thinking $850 customs could stay working for longer than a year. Anyway, last time I ever...
  6. majurglery

    Xbox and NAT.... =X

    dmz could work as well if your router supports it
  7. majurglery

    Odd noises coming from DAC

    Well i have a nuforce icon mobile, and while on the computer playing music, surfing the web, and/or playing games, the dac starts to have a lot of background noise that you can hear, almost like my internal soundcard. The icon mobile is connected via USB, and the main reason i got a dac was to...
  8. majurglery

    Cheap subs for movies

    Well, my parents have a somewhat old 5.1 setup (6 or 7 years old maybe?) and their sub crapped out. It makes these loud pops and clicking noises, but im guessing its time for a new one anyway. Im not very familiar with speakers or subs, so i wanted to ask here if anyone had a reccomendation for...
  9. majurglery

    So uh, how insane do your friends think you are for getting into the high end headphone game?

    Well, my friends dont get the whole audio hobby and the money i put into it, and ive tried to get them to see what its all about, let them borrow some cans, but nah, they just stick to their ibuds and skullcandies :/
  10. majurglery

    AMP3 pro2 give away

    I would love to be able to receive this player, especially since my zune died on me
  11. majurglery

    K701'r looking for a portable equivalent. Tall ask?

    Well, i personally never heard the k701, so take my view with a grain of salt, but the er4p/s are extremely detailed and neutral, as well as natural sounding. FWIR, the k701 seems to mirror the er4 in terms of sound signature. Anyway, im sure there are many members that have experienced both the...
  12. majurglery

    Former Counter Strike junkie makes inquiries

    heh i like COD, but CSS is where its at for competitive gameplay (IMO atleast)
  13. majurglery

    SA6 vs IE7 vs X10?

    Well, if you want a lot of bass, the Sa6 will probably fall short in this category compared to your other options. Thats not to say that it has no bass, it just has a moderate (IMO) quantity of great quality bass.
  14. majurglery

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by kb1gra I have two fairly dumb noob questions about these: 1. I hear a lot of differing opinions on the bass of these headphones. I listen to chiefly electronic/EBM/industrial, a lot of old-school techno. Will these headphones play well with that or should...
  15. majurglery

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    I like my Esw-9s, but find that they have a noticeable vocal recession, which keeps me from really loving these headphones. They are great looking though
  16. majurglery

    Custom IEMs and ear canal growth

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi Ear Canals never stop growing, our nose and ears are the only organs that don't stop growing...EVER. 16 according to my audiologist and Brittany Harvey from JH Audio is the time where you Ear canal settles in, and slows down in growth. So technically...
  17. majurglery

    Custom IEMs and ear canal growth

    I have recently become interested in custom IEMs for their various practical uses (comfort, small, no need for amp, etc), but i am concerned with ear canal growth and change. The problem lies in the fact that i am 16 years old, and i figure i will continue to grow for a while. My question is, do...
  18. majurglery

    REVIEW: HiFiMan EF2 tube Hybrid Amp with USB DAC

    Can anyone comment on the EF2 paired with the k601? I would be very interested to see some impressions.
  19. majurglery

    CD or HD?

    hard drives and computer based audio is much easier to find and organize all the music that you own, especially if you have a lot of music.
  20. majurglery

    headphone brand elimination game!

    AKG 39 Audio-Technica 30--HEAL-awesome wooden portables Beyerdynamic 15 German Maestro/MB Quart 11 Grado 20 JVC 27--HURT-overhyped IMO Sennheiser 36 Stax 36 Yamaha 12
  21. majurglery

    Road trip 2009 (picture heavy..)

    wow, what a beautiful road trip. This makes me want to go to Norway!
  22. majurglery

    Suggestion for $70-$150 in-ears?

    I love my ER6i's, but i have to agree that they are probably not the best for rap or electronica, but great for everything else
  23. majurglery

    RSA Predator amp & techno -- what $300-600 heaphone is best for this setup?

    I'd reccomend esw9 if you need to be portable. They sound great with the generes you listed
  24. majurglery

    Who here is a high school audiophile?

    every thing i have, ive paid for my self, no way in hell my parents would pay for any audio gear. I mainly referee youth lacrosse and football, which pay great, but i still have to save up for a long while to afford any high priced items. I always have to make sure i will have enough money left...