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  1. jpelg

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    ^That looks awesome! Any sonic changes come with the woodie mod?
  2. jpelg

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Interesting! Have you posted pics of this anywhere?
  3. jpelg

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    What is a "Woodie line 2500"?
  4. jpelg

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Does anyone have a source for replacement headband pads (the pad on the part that goes over the top of the head)?
  5. jpelg

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    DSD output through optical?
  6. jpelg

    ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions

    As a long-time fan of the Sony R10's, my audition of the ES-R10 at CanJam earlier this year was disappointing. I just didn't hear the magic of the original R10's (from memory). I don't know how well run-in the sample I heard was, but given it was a vendor's table, I presume it had some head-time...
  7. jpelg

    Spirit Torino Valkyria

    Do your cables incorporate any resistance to step down the power from the speaker taps? If so, what value resistor?
  8. jpelg

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Hey Patrick - those Ed11's, with bio-cellulose drivers & a unique housing, seem to be completely different than any of the prior Proline/Pro/Edition lines: Never had an opportunity to see or hear them. Glad you are enjoying.
  9. jpelg

    Introducing the LCD-i3

    All this iPhone vs. Android cable discussion is amusing. Instead, I find it more strange that a company double-down on the need for DSP equalization on its headphones at all, thus tying it to a phone or PC app for best response. This leaves those of us just wanting to use the analog-out of a...
  10. jpelg

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Well, the left driver of my ~15 y/o ER4S's is now substantially reduced in volume. Sadly, replacing filters (the usual suspect) has no effect. Also checked all links in the audio chain & the issue follows the driver all the way. Frankly, I suspect the root cause are the new plastic tubed filters...
  11. jpelg

    Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

    Thanks to the recommendations in this thread, I received the Audeze "groove kit" yesterday. The Audeze iSine hooks are thinner & more flexible than the Monoprice stock hooks, but don't break when you flex them to fit over your ear. They don't pinch either. They've taken the M300 to "wearable for...
  12. jpelg

    Musician's Friend - Official Thread

    Many headphone-related items seem to have perpetually future in-stock dates.
  13. jpelg

    Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

    Surprised at the recent price cuts on the FXA7. Personally, I'm waiting for a drop on the FXA9, as (based on limited reviews) they seem to have a signature more to my taste.
  14. jpelg

    Official New York Spring Meet - June 10, 2017 - impressions

    So glad I made the trek down from CT for another one of Tom's (bozebutton) fantastic meets. He is probably the most selfless Head-Fier I know, working tirelessly to keep the NY headphone scene at the high level that it has always been. Vendor participation was great, with representation by many...
  15. jpelg

    Official New York Spring Meet Sat June 10 2017

    Yeah, I had to sort out some upcoming graduation ceremony dates, but I should be there Tom.
  16. jpelg

    Official New York Spring Meet Sat June 10 2017

    Suggestions for vendors:   Beyerdynamic - Peter usually comes to these local meets as they office in Long Island. Audio46 - This headphone store in Manhattan carries some unique brands, including Final Audio Design, that we don't often get a chance to hear. Wonder if they'd care to...
  17. jpelg

    Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

    With regard to more widespread adoption (or perhaps lack thereof), I think that electrostatic portables are a very niche market. Stax's own SRS-001 & SRS-002 models were never as prevalent in the wild as other portable technologies. The KSE-1500 has the added hurdle of a very premium price point...
  18. jpelg

    Upgrade from Ultrasone Pro 750 / should I invest in an amp instead?

    Since you are willing to get an open headphone for home use, I'd suggest that you get the Ultrasone PRO2500 (used or new-old-stock) or PRO2900 headphone, along with an O2 DAC/amp combo.   The 2500/2900 will have similar characteristics that you are used to from the 750 (and won't get in any of...
  19. jpelg

    Introduction to TY Hi-Z Earbud Family: Mega Review

    Awesome job!   Thank you for providing such a concise, yet detailed, view on this line of earbuds & your perspective on their place amongst the other recent players in this arena.   Your posts are well done, constructive, while not venturing into the realm of fanboyism. Again, much appreciated.
  20. jpelg

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

      That is one of the most amazing mods I've ever seen!
  21. jpelg

    PS1 as CD player

    Yes!   Currently using the "A/V Multi-Out" port of my SCPH-1001 with a Sony cable to my amp to listen to CD's. Also have a PS2 remote & IR receiver on it.   Still sounds great.
  22. jpelg

    History of the AKG K1000?

    C'mon! No teasing!   That's not fair          
  23. jpelg

    FLAC Player for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    Still using FLAC Player on my Apple 64GB 3rd-gen Touch that maxes out at iOS 5.1   Had to do a device reset recently & was perplexed how to get the right (older) version of FLAC Player re-installed. I shot Dan an email, to which he promptly replied with the simple steps to accomplish what I...
  24. jpelg

    HRT iStreamer DAC video review - a true iPod/iPhone/Ipad DAC!

    A nice side-benefit of using the iStreamer is that it keeps your Apple device charged while in use!