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  1. blmelon

    April 17th is Record Store Day!!!

    snatched moon & antarctica, beastie boys 12" and passion pit 7"...
  2. blmelon

    Record Brushes

    Quote: Originally Posted by DrBenway Indeed! I had no idea that there is an audiophile pressing of Sea Change.A worthy candidate, certainly; there's so much going on in that mix. agreed. one of my favorite beck albums and my first MFSL pressing. uber jazzed for both.
  3. blmelon

    Record Brushes

    thanks folks...i went for the 3rd link, Big Record Brush. Grabbed Beck - Sea Change on MFSL too. Ready for that package to arrive for sure.
  4. blmelon

    Record Brushes

    does it make a difference if i do not have a RCM? what did you not like about the carbon fiber skylab?
  5. blmelon

    Record Brushes

    I am going to get my first brush, but don't know anything about them. I have a decent LP collectiona nd want to start to take better care of them all. these are the three diff brushes I have looked at. AcousTech-Anti-Static Record Brush-Record Cleaner | Acoustic Sounds Hunt-Hunt EDA Mark 6...
  6. blmelon

    Axl Rose: Appetite for...well...just about anything, apparently

    guess he can't afford his diet nose powder anymore huh?
  7. blmelon

    Finding music we like...

    find someone you want to check out and use will allow you to listen to the whole album.
  8. blmelon

    Any Sigur Ros fans?

    here is one for $200... Sigur Ros-In A Frozen Sea-Vinyl Record LP | Acoustic Sounds
  9. blmelon

    Unwanted Vinyl

    i would also help relieve you of the LPs....
  10. blmelon

    My Music Goals for 2010...

    oh boy howdy has this been a good week of jamming to new tunes at work...all of your recommendations have really helped. here is what i have put in my ears and some quick thoughts: metal: megadeth - youthanasia - fantastic, this is what i like in metal. good musicianship and vocals I can...
  11. blmelon

    My Music Goals for 2010...

    thank you...i will start listening to some of these and report back with my thoughts.
  12. blmelon

    My Music Goals for 2010...

    Can anyone else provide some recommendations? I am going to pick up some more albums later this week. Much appreciated.
  13. blmelon

    My Music Goals for 2010...

    i like both of them afro...the heavy rythm is what got me on Pelican and Torche.
  14. blmelon

    My Music Goals for 2010...

    I have come up with several things and am looking for some help in getting them pointed in the right direction. They will not be called resolutions out of spite for that damned word. There are 3 of them so far: 1. Listen to/Learn more about Jazz 2. Listen to more Metal 3. Upgrade my TT...
  15. blmelon

    Beck - Sea Change MFSL 180g

    appreciated folks...thanks for the link omega. happy holidays to both of you.
  16. blmelon

    Beck - Sea Change MFSL 180g

    has anyone listened to this version? i need to get this album on lp and just noticed this on acoustic sounds. was it the geffen reissue that had pressing problems? i remember reading about some of them being poorly pressed (i thought).
  17. blmelon

    Mike Patton

    peeping tom is an absurdly good album. if you like the other things that mike has done, you should listen to this album multiple times...its great.
  18. blmelon

    Looking for a particular and extraordinarily hard-to-find vinyl.

    on a quick look here it wasnt pressed on LP allmusic ((( Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone > Overview )))
  19. blmelon

    What is your Birth Year Album

    Several good options for 1977... Eric Clapton - Slowhand Bob Marley - Exodus Talking Heads - 77 Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express Personally I go with Pink Floyd - Animals
  20. blmelon

    Wilco early album reissue! (180g vinyl with bonus CD)

    Quote: Originally Posted by analogbox ooh... Things like this really makes me want to venture into Vinyl territory... do you have reel to reel? how do you have a screenname like analogbox and not have vinyl?
  21. blmelon

    Grado Turntable??

    i have seen one of those before on ebay and really wanted to snatch it. as always funds are the source of the problem though.
  22. blmelon

    Bands which are far better than their most famous song allows you to believe...

    Blind Melon - No Rain. If you have ever listened to Soup or Nico then you would probably agree.
  23. blmelon

    New album from Air -- "Love 2" -- October 6

    what air album should i get in my ears? i have only listened to/own moon safari a really like it...where to go next?
  24. blmelon

    Rain Machine (for Fans of TVOR)

    thank you much. i had forgotten about this coming out. i will get my hands on it.
  25. blmelon

    Pearl Jam- Backspacer

    the vinyl sounds real nice on my Grados...