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  1. udeupa

    [REVIEW] Earsquake Fish & Earsquake SHA

    More Earsquake Products are released.   Pictures of CRO Black   Blue   Yellow       Pictures of PIXI Black   Blue   White     If you want to review them, please PM me. If you want to buy them: Earsquake Fish Heavy...
  2. udeupa

    Brief Review: CRO and PIXI from Earsquake

    Pictures of CRO:   Pictures of PIXI
  3. udeupa

    [REVIEW] Earsquake Fish & Earsquake SHA

    SHA actually sound pretty good for its price. A $20 IEM sounds like a $50~$75 IEM. FISH is not good for music, but it is really good for video game and watching movies. So, I wouldn't say they don't sound any good, they are actually not too bad.  
  4. udeupa

    [REVIEW] Earsquake Fish & Earsquake SHA

      [REVIEW] Earsquake Fish & Earsquake SHA   Introduction My Taiwanese friend recently gave me a set of IEMs from Earsquake.  I have never heard about this company, and never seen these IEMs before.  My friend told me that Earsquake is looking for people to test and write a review for...
  5. udeupa

    Grado RA1

    I only want to know if this AMP is good with all Grado Headphones from SR225i, SR325i, RS1i, GS1000i, all the way to PS1000? 
  6. udeupa

    Conclusions !

    Quote: Originally Posted by komi OK, but again, right now, if you have 400 bucks to buy DAP, what you will buy ? I have the same question here. I got i7, X5L, and MG-E504. I now have around $500 to get one with touch screen and good sound quality. Which one should I buy?
  7. udeupa

    Sony SCD-C333ES Super Audio CD Player

    I am wondering if there is any certain kind of SACD that this player can not read? I have some SACD and Hybrid CD, the system always recognized them as "CD" because I only see "CD" on the display instead of showing "SACD". When I put Hybrid in, I tried to switch SACD/CD button, and the system...
  8. udeupa

    C333ES transport lockdown

    I got SCD-C333es as well, used. It plays well, but it seem only recognize my SCD as CD. (the display shows CD) When I put Hybrid in, the display shows CD as well. I tried to press the SACD/CD button, but the system told me it is not multi layer CD. Is that means the laser len is broken...
  9. udeupa

    Superlux- Cheaper AKG OEM? And Beyer OEM!

    I have heard HD681 is the black horse among all superlux models, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Most of them claim that HD681 a very detailed headphone... Somebody get one off Ebay and write some review~~~ BUMP!
  10. udeupa

    Some thought about Beyer DT990...a biref review

    Quote: Originally Posted by donthuang DT990 just offer an big window or scape of the Atmosphere、SOUND and Air .I believe it's is some kind of new sound really different to the legendary DT880、DT931 and DT990pro , maybe similar to ET-1000:beyerdynamic's old electrostatic headphone , but...
  11. udeupa

    Customized DT990 (MANUFAKTUR)

    Hmm... I wonder if 600 will really make any differences...
  12. udeupa

    AKG K501 to K701 - worthy upgrade?

    I agreed that K501's bass would distorted if you set EQ too extreme. However, K501 is the only one that would do this compare with my other cans, kind of disappointed. Though K501 is very enjoyable if you do not care too much bass. I don't think K701 is totally out take by K501, I think they are...
  13. udeupa

    How about the Koss MV1??

    Hi, When I got MV1 from Skylab, I just sold all of my amp. So I only have X5L when I got MV1. X5L is powerful enough to drive MV1, but I would say it is not good enough to drive it well. Could drive and drive it well is two different things. I just got Cantate could days ago, but I...
  14. udeupa

    AKG owners unite...

    Quote: Originally Posted by mofonyx Well hello there AKG thread. I have had my AKG K1000 for close to 7 months now if I recall correctly. The only problem is, I haven't really put it to use. Why? I haven't got an amp. However, I did buy this AKG K1000 as a broken pair (only...
  15. udeupa

    Anybody know about Samson?

    Quote: Originally Posted by intoflatlines Sam Ash isn't really a music performer store, it's more of a store with people that work there that pretend to know a lot about the instruments they're selling. Check out Guitar Center. They have some decent headphones and the staff is...
  16. udeupa

    How about the Koss MV1??

    Hi all, I just got this can from skylab. I would say it is a very nice can for what it cost (even in original price)~ I just got it today and been listen to it for about 3 hours, I don't think I have enough impression to give any review, yet. I can show you guys some picture though. I...
  17. udeupa

    reveiw- Koss mv1

    Quote: Originally Posted by sigmatron I never got to the review. ahmmmm So where is the review? I am thinking about collecting headphones for at least 1 from each brand. I am now thinking about Koss, and it seems MV1 is the newest top of the line from Koss now. What exactly do...
  18. udeupa

    Anybody know about Samson?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Eagle_Driver You get what you pay for, in this case. I've heard the RH300. Though okay (but not great) for $40, the detail from those Samsons is still quite lacking. My recommendation on the Samsons: Try before you buy. Some head-fier suggest me to...
  19. udeupa

    Customized DT990 (MANUFAKTUR)

    Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy There is NO QUESTION that the absolute best version is 600ohms, and also strongly recommend you go with velour earpads with them. I only like the gen. Leather with dt770's. They shouldn't even offer that option with them. This is an excellent open...
  20. udeupa

    AKG owners unite...

    Quote: Originally Posted by freid77 very nice pictures, i like the X5 there adding style points Yes, for style only (if you know what I mean)
  21. udeupa

    Customized DT990 (MANUFAKTUR)

    Hi all, I am thinking about to get a customized DT990 (MANUFAKTUR), and I have several questions here. Hopefully someone could share the experience with me. Thanks. 1. Is Central Europe Website the only place I can get DT-990 customized? Is there any US dealer that I can purchased from...
  22. udeupa

    Anyone heard the AKG K271? How does it compare to K501?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew_WOT Apples with oranges. ok, what is the focus on each? If K271 is focus on no colored and correct sound for monitoring purpose, then K701 is?
  23. udeupa

    Anyone heard the AKG K271? How does it compare to K501?

    So, is K701 better or K271 better?