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    SOLD Vorzuge Pure 2+ white with extra battery

    Very little use portable AMP. I am kinda out of the audio hobby - have been for a little while, I have a decent home setup and on the go I have gone Smartphone + Bluetooth everything else is just too much to manage. £300 shipped in UK. Shipping at cost in EU
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    For sale Dita Answer, brand new Finder X1, CE6P and SD2 - lower prices

    Hi, Dita Answer as new with all accessories and original box. Really well rounded set of IEMS but culling my collection so something has to give. £200 + shipping (box is kinda large) Echobox Finders X1, brand new unopened box. £40 including shipping to the UK at cost anywhere else. This is the...
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    Light Harmonic Geek Wave

    You are funny :)
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    Echobox Explorer with dock

    bump for the explorer
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    Dita Answer, CE6P, SD2 and Finder X1 for sale

    bump new prices and a bit of a disclaimer
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    [SOLD] MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed + additional balanced cable

    The plain Dita Answer. Sorry forgot to mention based in Watford
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    [SOLD] MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed + additional balanced cable

    Hi, Any interest in a Dita Answer pair? Also failing that what's the best price without the cable?
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    Echobox Explorer with dock

    Adding my N5 MKII very little used as I keep going back to my phone for portable use. All accessories included (silicone case and charging cable.) £200 shipped to the UK or at cost in the EU
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    Echobox Explorer with dock

    Bit of a bump plus I have found the box for the base and I will include this too.
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    Best bluetooth earbuds?

    Maybe you should try listening to them without all the f*king then you might come to different conclusions. The OP asked for best so I took it to mean best overall. If he had asked for best sound I wouldn’t have replied. I said they sound good, I didn’t say best I haven’t heard many to say...
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    Best bluetooth earbuds?

    Yes AirPods especially if you have an iPhone. But even if you don’t. They sound good they let enough outside noise to leak in to keep you aware of your surroundings and stick in and don’t really fall out. If you have an iPhone pairing and connectivity and gestures are just bonus Oh I know I am...
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    Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

    This, for whatever reason DAP manufacturers get a heck of a lot more leeway than other manufacturers when it comes to half baked products. I've bought and sold a fair few DAPs and I always go back to my phone only because they all run so badly and have so many bugs. N5 II so far is not soooo bad...