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    FS: Klipsch x10

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    RIP my wife and best friend

    My sincere sympathies.  The love lives on.
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    FT: SENNHEISER IE-8 for HD600/650

    I just traded my HD650s a few days ago (for a JVC FX700).  But, I do have a nice set of Beyer DT990s if you'd be interested.   Thanks! -Rodney
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    I need an extremely lightweight, cheap, isolation headphone, any help?

    I've got the Senn HD 238's...they're open, but the 228 are the comparable closed cans. They 238's are VERY comfortable and sound great. The 228's are only $55 on Amazon.
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    Head-Direct 01 Earphone Amp

    I was trying to find a review to read on the Head-Direct 01 to no avail. Is this the EF1 tube/hybrid??
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    I bought a pair of HD650 from Bruce. Just like when we traded cans before, Bruce was great to deal with and shipped quickly. A really great Head-Fi'er!!
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    FOUND: WTB: Senn HD650 under $250

    Do you have a pair of HD650s in great condition that you'd like to sell. I'm looking to pay up to $250 shipped. If you've got an upgraded cable, that's a big plus. Look forward to hearing from you! -Rodney
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    Sold a pair of DT880s to Irene. Very pleasant to correspond with and quick payment. Great Head-Fier!!
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    Advice needed: Amp < $300

    I've spend the last year or so learning about headphones...what I like/don't like. Now, I'm starting to learn about amps. Right now, my primary cans are Beyer DT990s (250 ohm) and Denon D2000s. What are some opinions on the best amp in the $300 range for these cans. And, do you recommend...
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    What are the most comfortable cans for extended listening sessions?

    I just bought a Little Dot Micro+ portable amp to take to work. I've read that it's simply s so/so amp...I've gotta say, I'm blown away by what a difference it makes. My DT990's never sounded so good!! I can't wait get a better amp for home use to see what a "good one" can do. Quote...
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    What are the most comfortable cans for extended listening sessions?

    I have the DT880s and I agree that they are incredibly comfortable. My office is kinda noisy, so I really need to use cans that provide some isolation. Based on everything I've read, it seems that Denon D2000's are going to be my answer. I really appreciate everyone sharing their opinions!