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    Alo Interconnect for Sony Walkman

    Quote: Originally Posted by KB They are glacial. Ken LOL! Thanks for the update Ken.
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    cowon d2, sony nw-a808 or clix2

    I recently purchased a black a808 along with the crystal case from eBay. Great sounding player, easy navigation, a great screen, and a customizable eq. I'm an admitted Sony guy when it comes to my DAPs, but I have owned an iPod, ZVM, and currently own a Zune. I've been using it with my...
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    Best portable line-out without modification or DAC?

    Sorry dupe post, duh!
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    Best portable line-out without modification or DAC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Do Sony d-ej2000 pcdp is the best I've used. Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 Sony MZ-RH1 More Sony goodness: NW HD1 (combo out) r900 MD (combo out) d25S semi-PCDP (separate outs) r50 MD (separate outs) Dusted off the d25s...
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    Newb question: Should I spend more on IEMs or IEM/Amp combo for Zune?

    If you are going to travel a lot, invest more in your IEM - maybe go the custom route. I dove right in and bought the Sensa 2X-S. Best headphone purchase I've made since I started this craziness. Once you get that seal and isolation, nothing comes between you and the music (good and bad). IMHO...
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    Emmeline turned me into a grandfather...

    Congrats Ray. I hope everyone is doing well. You better start re-practicing those diaper changes. Word to the wise, put the solder gun down when you're going to change Christian! No multi-tasking! Wait a minute that makes Charles an uncle!!! Uh-oh! EDIT: Just saw the pic from Uncle...
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    Recovering from "the Procedure" - A Rant

    Tom, I have to go through the procedure. After the wife gave birth to son #3 in May, I decided that I would get it done. Six months later I still haven't had it done, though I am staring at my referral!!! And the wife is getting ornery. I was recently at the dentist for a cleaning and I...
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    Sensaphonics problems?

    tennisets, It'll be a year this Tuesday when I purchased my 2XS. See my loooong post regarding my 'journey' and Sensaphonics' great customer service. No problem whatsoever, just a lot of great music this past year during my commute from the 'burbs. I chose Sensaphonics because they were...
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    I've consulted with Ray about purchasing the Hornet even though I am the proud owner of SR71 - 6001. I really like the sound of my SR71/Sensa 2Xs/HD1 rig. He flat out tells me I do not need the Hornet. I believe him, though I will take a listen when I get a chance to drive over to his house. For...
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    Happy Birthday Ray Samuels!

    Happy Birthday Ray! We'll see you in a bit! Can't wait to test out the Hornet against good ol 6001!
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    How long did it take to get used to your first IEM?

    It took me about a week to feel "normal" with my Sensa 2XS, my first foray into customized IEMs.