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    I bought a Stello CDP+DAC from Donghwan. Smooth transaction, he answered promptly to messages, and the item functions wonderfully. Overall a pleasant buying experience.
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    30th May 2010 Calgary, Alberta Meeting ( come and talk)

    looks interesting......would like to know the venue first.   And sorry to hijack this thread but where in the city do you guys go to audition or buy your gear from?
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    Very COOL head-fier. He ordered Beyer pads and then shipped them to Canada. Can't thank him enough. -Nelson
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    need help biasing the melos

    I really need some help here. I just got telefunken pcc88 to replace sovtek 6922 and need instructions for biasing. I found some info from another thread about the voltages to look for - about 60v for 6dj8s and 75-80v for 6922/7308. So how do I go about changing the voltages? What voltage is...
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    double posted please delete

    please delete
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    Not a bad deal for Grado's

    My apologies, I didn't notice most items were out of stock already. Only the SR60, SR80 and iGrado are left.
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Sidestepper rebel meets rebel
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    Worth upgrading from Grado 325i to RS-1?

    I'm on the same boat as you are with regards to upgrading. Anyways since you're in the UK, I always see listings from a UK seller on ebay (mawlee83) that regularly lists Grado's for auction and also with Buy it now for RS1 at 390GBP. You might be able to save a bit from his auctions.
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    Dr Dre & Monster cable have released a headphone. No Joke.

    Quote: From the article: They are also the first headphones to use a newly designed driver technology that delivers unprecedented sound quality. Exactly what driver technology are they speaking of?
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    Nice redesign. Although I preferred the old sites' design with the 'Reviews by our members' section where the text stretched across the whole width of the page.
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    New to high end... not a clue what I'm doing.

    Not sure if you want Grado hp for gaming....for rock music my 325i is great.