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    *TRADED*: Grado Lovers Package: GS1000 plus RA1 (AC/120V) *GREAT DEAL*

    If you have a buyer to sell off your headphone, I am interested in taking off your RA-1. Let me know. Thanks, Sam
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    Single power PPX3-6SN7, $450

    Still available.
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    Arteomm purchased HD 600 from me. Great communication. Fast payment. Very pleasant transaction. Valuable member in Head-Fi community. Would not hesitate to involve any transaction with him.
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    FS: Meridian 508.20, $875

    A very strong contender even in this modern world of upsampling and oversampling. No problem in operation. I used to own 506.20 and upgraded to 508.20. If you have not tried Meridian, you have missed one good chapter in the history of CD player, in my humble opinion. It has balanced output which...
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    Single power PPX3-6SN7, $450

    Excellent condition single power PPX3. This particular unit does not have a volume control. The volume knob is there but it is not connected. I don't think you can just connect some wires to the main board. I used this amp with my 2 channel system with my preamp. You would need a way to control...
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    FS: Headphone, headamp, CDP, DAC and etc

    I moved into a new house and realized that I have way too many toys around me. Buyers pay shipping and insurance. I will share the paypal fee if this is buyer's preferred payment method. Pictures are available by e-mail. 1. Sennheiser HD 600 with upgraded cable, UPDATE new FS post has been...
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    FS: HE-60, best offer

    It is for the HE-60 only. I am going to take offers by Saturday 11 pm EST. I have a HD 600 box (rebadged) and not the original box for HE-60. A link to download the pictures will be provided by PM or e-mail.
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    FS: HE-60, best offer

    I would like to sell a HE60. They are in a very good shape - 8 or 9 out of 10. This is my last HE60. (I used to have two pairs and sold one pair to vcoheda in May.) I don’t use them enough to justify the ownership. When I was selling the first pair, many people expressed a concern about the...
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    He purchased HE60/HE70 combo from me. Very professional buyer. Would not hesitate to have another transaction with him. Very highly recommended. Sam
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    FS: HE60 (Baby Orpheus) and HEV70

    Waiting for payment