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    Help with desktop setup

    a bit of (general/regular) advice: - if anyhow possible listen to the headphones yourself before buying. - don't listen to people going like "these headphones are not good at xxx" or "these headphones are not good all-round headphones " etc... because - a lot is about synergy between amp, dac...
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    Dac Help

    The first thing you should do when using speakers is testing around placement of the speakers and play with room treatments. Have fun and good luck :)
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    Shure KSE1500

    pm sent :)
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    AMP/DAC Combination for HD800S (Schiit, Fostex, Marantz, TEAC)

    As I've often mentioned at this point a lot is about preferred sound signature, hearing, music type and of course matching between all the components of the chain . ... so it's not easy to give good advice. System matching is even more important for the HD800(S), since it's a headphone whose...
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    Middle aged ears looking for a higher end set of headphones

    My recommendation would be: stick with the Fostex for rock and pop and get a new/second headphone for jazz and classical. A "used like new" HD800 can be had at this price or even a used entry level stax system. Depending on your preferences the HD800 needs a bit more care when it comes to...
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    would i like the HD 800 s based on the following?

    Really interesting ... for me it's quite the opposite: I consider the HD800 my "daily driver", my all around headphones and apart from my stax would probably miss them the most. I also never thought they are cold or sterile, also really like it with female vocals - might be the amp/dac...
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    would i like the HD 800 s based on the following?

    At the risk of going against the trend .... i disagree with quite a lot of what was written in this thread. In my opinion the HD800S is still by today's standards a really good headphone and compared to what you pay for its competitors - as silly as it sounds - almost a bargain...
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    Hi-end recommendations to catch me up for the last 4 years.

    If I were in your position I'd have a look at Hifiman, Abyss and Stax's high end offerings to start with :) Quite a few good options around there for what you are looking for.
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    Can I better my Headphone Amp?

    At this point it is mostly about synergy between the items in your chain - and your personal preference. Differences between decent solid state amps are generally not huge and honestly, among the several "high end" solid state amps I own I still could't tell you after years of owning them which...
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    Summit-Fi Setup for Classical Music

    There's a lot to say about this but I'm heading to bed soon so I'll try to keep it short: At this point it's all about personal preference, individual aspects like your hearing, ear anatomics etc. and of course the performance of the whole chain ... from the original recording, all the way...
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    Headphones for female vocals?

    The Stax 007 are the best headphones for that genre if you ask me ... haven't heard any better til now :)
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    Wives and the hobby

    Hard to give any specific advice - highly depends on lots of factors like who earns and owns how much, how you deal with money generally, how your spending habits are, how much you spend on other hobbies, how much she spends on hers, if you have kids, do you save money towards a house, a car...
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    Please help me start a collection.

    Stax, Abyss or Audeze definitely are options to diversify I'd say. Also a question of budget though. You should definitely have a listen to them before buying, no point in having headphones which you don't use at all (unless you want them for collector's sake of course^^) Another route would be...
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    Where to start?

    a bit surprised nobody mentioned this yet but the bluesound node 2 actually has a headphone output so for a start you can use your headphone directly out of the bluesound node 2 and use all its funtionalities. The DAC of the bluesound node is actually pretty decent so you dont need another...