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    got in a car accident but

    Dunno what your deductibles are, but for $795 I think I'd go ahead and write a check. Unless your deductibles are amazingly low, you'll pay the bulk of it to your insurance anyway, with them covering a few hundred bucks and raising your rates by god knows how much a month.
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    Lightning quick internet.

    A connection that fast is only going to be useful if you have something to serve you content that fast. It's probably pointless for anything short of media or disk images. You could do things like nightly offsite hard drive backups over your net connection with no problem. But mostly you would...
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    Declaring Independency and taking out your own loans

    If you're at least 18, you can take out a loan in your own name without needing to be independent from your parents. You probably had to co-sign with your dad for the first loan because you don't have enough of a credit history or collateral to qualify for a 40k loan yourself. You may be...
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    ER4-P to S converter - how can I make one?

    You just need a 75 ohm resistor for each channel (that's two in total). You can mount them however you want - could put 'em on a board and wire up fancy jacks and stick them in a large metal box if you like I made one by buying a Radio Shack inline volume adapter, gutting the pod with the...
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    Charging for email?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Febs Who is "they"? People trying to come up with ideas to reduce or eliminate spam. Sorry. The USPS doesn't give a crap. I don't think it's a for-profit operation anyway, so if nobody wanted to mail anything anymore, they'd happily close it down...
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    Las Vegas: So damn hott that I have to run at 2am

    Super hot weather like that is still hot, but it really isn't as bad with low humidity. The air isn't all thick and humid, so you can still breathe without trouble. You're able to keep cool(ish) by sweating so long as you keep drinking water, unlike on a 95% humidity hot day. If you get out of...
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    Charging for email?

    They've talked about micropayments to prevent spam. Say, half or even a tenth of a cent per email. It wouldn't mean much to people using email for keeping in touch with their mom or friends, but it'd put a hurt on those blasting out kajillions of spams a day, make it less profitable to do.
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    Rental units in Minneapolis, MN

    Check out I used this site to find my current place, it's not bad and has "reviews" from people living or who have lived in the apartments. You've gotta watch out a little for shill reviews from management or reviews like "I hate this place do not live here", but if...
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    The Newbie Sunglass Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elec Should be ok if you've got warranty. I had a pair where the frame split under one lens when I pushed them back up the bridge of my nose. I think it cost me around 9 bucks to get them repaired, and I suspected they may have just sent me a new pair. It...
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    Optimum TriplePlay (NY tri-state)

    Check out whether that's introductory pricing. Comcast at least has been pushing their phone/net/TV packages hard lately, and you can get one for $100 a month, but only for a year or two and then it goes up to god knows what. You should also look at the phone service closely. Comcast's is $33...
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    dudes, audiophiles =(

    Quote: Originally Posted by redshifter I have a new line of vibration proof knobs coming out soon, that will blow these out of the water. Molded from the finest stool, they come in three colors: brown, nuttycluster, and hangover black. Start saving now! Creative Research Audio...
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    Woman spends 90 minutes dying in hospital waiting room

    I used to take my friend to the emergency room once every month or two when we were in college. He was almost always seen by the triage nurse pretty quickly and typically made it to an exam room within an hour. It probably helps when you "walk" in doubled over in pain, barely able to stand...
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    The Newbie Sunglass Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zuerst How's Oakley's customer service/repair? I had my Oakley Hatchet for less than 3 weeks and it already sustained damage thanks to some #$"*%@ who felt the need to knock them to the ground while it was hanging on my shirt collar. Should be ok if...
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    Kudos to the designers at Toyota

    Quote: Originally Posted by Konig why not SUV if you dont need the bed? Ive seen tonnes of ppl of buy trucks when they have not USED THE BED AT ALL! It's one of those things where, for most people, better than 90% of the time, you don't need a truck. But when you DO need to haul...
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    Ask for a sign-on bonus with job offer?

    It seems like signing bonuses in the tech field went out of style around 2000 or '01. The whole reason for them was that there was a shortage of labor and if you got 10 offers, companies wanted to make sure you'd take theirs and not one of the others. A way to do that was promising to put cash...