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    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

      Thanks for the responses :D I shipped it with the local shipping service, SingPost, with limited tracking (up to leaving the country only). I do have the receipt of sending it to them. I'll try emailing them again some time soon, with a picture of the receipt. Thanks again guys! :D
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    Which of the following IEMs do you feel has the best quality cable?

    So, as the title says. Personally, I prefer the Sennheiser cabling for its high-end IEMs. So soft, flexible, and strong! Not to mention zero microphonics!  
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    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 and ATH-ESW9A Thread

    Are there any differences in sound quality and/or build?
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    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 and ATH-ESW9A Thread

    Can someone tell me the difference between the ESW9 and the ESW9A?
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    MDR-Z1000 new Sony flagship headphones

    Thanks for your immense help guys, was looking for a portable, comfortable can that looks good and has great sound to boot too (with a name that isn't Beats by Dre Studios or cost a car or two like the T5P), so I guess the ES10 it is.
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    MDR-Z1000 new Sony flagship headphones

    May I ask if these phones are suitable for portable use (i.e. I won't look ridiculous) and how these compare to the ES10 in general (build quality, portable-ity, sound sig differences, etc.).   Thanks!
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    RQ for Recommendations!

    Exciting :D   If the RE0 needs an amp, then what amp(s) would make it sound its best? I'm not entirely against the use of amps, but their high price scares me @_@   Right now, the DBA-02, RE0 and PFE are really tickling my wallet :P