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    So What's the story with lurkers?

    I lurk because I kill threads. I notice this happening far too often for it to be merely coincedence. I hope this thread is an exception. Also, I've learned all I wanted to learn. Researched and bought some OK phones, discovered that my CDP is crap, and now I know what to buy if there's some...
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    Firefox: The Best Browser out there ?

    Kenny12: Go to the Tools menu, Options, Advanced and turn on autoscroll.
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    Which online comics do you read regularly?

    I got bored over xmas break so I found a boatload of comics. My favorites are(no order): Penny Arcade John and John Achewood Boy on a Stick and Slither Able and Baker Red Meat Her Diesel Sweeties Pathetic Inc. Orneryboy COMIC STRIP and of course, White ninja
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    DVD/VHS player advice?

    My parents are looking to buy a DVD player that can record to DVD from a VHS tape. This isn't for serious home theater or anything, just coming somewhere close to modern technology . The price range is somewhere around $300. Specific models or just generally good brands would be fine.
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    Bye Bye head-Fi

    NO! I'll miss that little yellow bear. And you, of course. Why are you leaving?
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    Laser Mouse!

    What if you did something like this? Ona a smaller scale of course, and have one for forward and back movements and one for side to side movements. /threadjacking
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    I would like to scare my neighbors.

    What about something by Masonna or other noise artist? Maybe some KMFDM for large amounts of bass? There are multiple paths or aggravating neighbors.
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    Ultra-minimalist portable rig - how far can you go ?

    The rig in my profile. Or the voices in my head.
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    Do you read the lyrics?

    When you get a new song, do you read the lyrics for it right away, or do you wait a while? Do you even read them at all? Sometimes I have the best times laying in bed, holding my breath to be quieter and finally figuriing out what that artist is saying. But it's also nice after listening for a...
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    Orpheus is OLD!!!

    Happy Birfday Orpheus
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    What do you use to shave?

    I use one of the cheaper Norelco electric shavers. So far it has worked just fine. Slightly OT, but my dad has a Norelco from as far back as I can remember, and it still works perfectly. I hope mine lasts that long.
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    Where do you use your PCDP/DAP?

    I use my PCDP on the bus home from school. During the summer, mostly in bed before I sleep. Or when I'm mowing my giant front yard
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    Free Music Media has lots of samples in the audio part, and sometimes more on the band's page at centurymedia. FWIW, it's mostly metal.
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    Dell PCs

    I have a Dell, and so far it has been just fine. Tech support has been ok, I guess; we've only had to call them once. I would reccommend one to somebody.
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    which retailers offer "try before you buy?"

    I don't know about Todd, but at Headroom, you have to buy the product first, but you can return it within 30 days for a refund.