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    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    Hmm how does the Earsonic Grace or Corsa stack up against the Evo?
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    Even More Black Friday Savings at Audio46

    Just picked up some Campfire Audio ARA’s from you guys, thanks for the support on my previous orders and following through on my questions about the Final Audio Make1’s
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    Black Friday discount for Effect Audio's Vogue & Heritage series

    Picked up another Maestro in black for my Earsonic Corsa’s. I love my Maestro black on my Final Audio B2’s seems thick and sturdy, nice hardware on it too! I’m sure I’ll love it on my Corsa’s any plans on making a shirt clip for the”Y” split on the vogue cables? I just picked up some Campfire...
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    Comment by 'BattleBrat' on listing 'Sennheiser HD700 used +Cardas clone cable 3m'

    Sorry I discarded the gooey parts to prevent anything from getting into the drivers
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    Comment by 'BattleBrat' on listing 'Sennheiser HD700 used +Cardas clone cable 3m'

    Look at my feedback, honesty is my thing laughs. I based my price off what they’re actually selling for on Ebay. The buyer if they have a cable for them could sell the original unused cable they come with and probably get $100
  6. Sennheiser HD700 used +Cardas clone cable 3m

    For sale my HD700’s Damn I hate these headphones, they’re terrible! They’re minty except for the headband and ear pads, those turned to black goo. I damaged a clip for the upper headband in an attempt to remove the gooey headpad. Sennheiser says I’d have to buy the entire headband assembly...
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    Grado Fan Club!

    I was wondering this myself, does TTVJ have them made? I have a pair on my SR325e’s and I love them, tamed the treble perfectly. Need to get a set for my SR80e’s now...
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    Any reputable cable techs in So Cal, Pasadena?

    I have a couple pairs of headphones I need terminated. I’d do it myself but the wires are lacquered and I want a clean job. It’s a pair of Pioneer SE-A1000’s getting the cord shortened and I have a new identical OEM style plug, and a pair of porta pros’s getting a balanced Moon audio 2.5mm TRRS...
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    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    My same exact experience, LOVE my ER4PT’s and ER4XR’s and can’t wait to hear these!
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Directly from Grado $108 shipped, it’s the one the PS2000’s take, I had to request the entire headband assembly. I like those socks, much better fitting!
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    Grado Fan Club!

    These are the “small” size, I was hoping for a more snug fit, but they perform so well making the headphones comfortable for long wearing I can’t complain. They also keep oils out of the ear pads and hairs out of the driver. What I really love is that wide headband on the 325, It really made...
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    Grado Fan Club! They’re out of stock right now, but they carry quite a few mods. I plan on getting some PS500e’s and want to go to the wider headband and replace the junction blocks and gimbals. Well guys about 15 years ago I had a pair of SR60’s I loved them but strangely didn’t go...
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    Grado SR325e owners with TTVJ Deluxe flats, how do you like them?

    How did the soundstage change? The bass? The mids? The treble? Are they comfortable? I listen for 6 hours plus when working sometimes so it’s important laughs. Thanks in advance guys!
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    Love my balanced PortaPros!!

    I found these connectors for $1.50 each and just got these new PortaPros as warranty so I said why not ? Why should my ER3XRs have all the balanced fun? So I balanced them. They turned into KSC 75’s with bass and incredible dynamics! The sound stage got even wider!! I have a pair of Grado...