Zumreed headphones?
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Apr 8, 2008
Hi I am new here and is currently looking for opinions on some great sounding headphones.
I have an ipod mini and mostly listen to r&b and hip hop.
I have tried grado 60 before and I think that the only bad thing about it is the lack of bass. Is there any headphones that are like grado 60 but with more bass?
When I was passing by audiocubes.com I have come across some Zumreed headphone that looks really cute. I want to know if it has what I need in a headphone.

Anyone have any opinion about these headphones?
AudioCubes.com - Zumreed Sfit Color Headphones - Sfit -

I need to learn more about frequency response, output and ohms that are provided with the headphones so I can analyze them myself. Anyone know anything on that or have a site that explains them throughly?

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I am also curious as to how they sound
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Oops. My comments were for a different model of Zumreed.
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Frequency response and the other specs generally aren't useful in determining how a pair of headphones sound. The best thing to do is actually go to a store and try them out.
If you live by New York, you could probably stop by the AC Gears store by NYU to try out the Zumreeds.

I don't know much about the Zumreed Sfit, but my friend has the Zumreed Border. The headband broke, so I had to replace it with my Koss UR40 headband.
The bass isn't so great, not very punchy, not much impact, compared to my Koss UR40 and Head-Direct RE2.
Soundstage is horrible, much, much more worse than the in-ears I have. Clarity isn't so great either.
Again, this is the Zumreed Border. If the Sfit and Border sound similar (which they probably do), then you're better off not getting them.

For about the same price, you can get the Audio-Technica S5J from AudioCubes. My friend has a pair of those, and they're pretty decent for the price. Good bass, unlike like the Zumreeds. Soundstage is nowhere near the UR40's or RE2's, but good for a closed pair of headphones.

And someone mentioned above, the AKG K81DJ. Those have tons of bass, though more quantity than quality. They're worth a try.
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Maybe a bit late but I have a pair of Zumreed Dream ZHP-005 Color Headphones. The performance is not at all bad with sweet mid range and crisp upper registers. The freq. response is 20 - 20,000Hz, bass extension is insufficient for my needs, but these are fine when used on the go. My quible is that the bass is not as tight and well controlled.

All in all a good pair of can for a beginner.
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My wife bought some Zumreed ZHP-005's in pink because she thought they looked "cute", of course without telling me she was doing it because she knew I wouldn't approve. I expected them to be lousy, but they actually sound pretty good. The only similarly priced headphones I have are AKG K27i's, and the Zumreeds are much better. The midrange is a tiny bit boomy, but not annoyingly so (the AKG's sound pretty thin in comparison). They actually have pretty good bass extension - down to 25Hz with something still there even at 20Hz - and the treble is smooth with no harshness or sibilance. Color me impressed. 

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