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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. jawks
    Thanks for the reply! I bought a gently used pair that has about 200 hours on it, so I figured it had already been burned in.
  2. bryceu
    Congrats on your new headphones! Sorry had to edit my response after reading they supposedly had ~200hrs of use already. I've found the Verite to pair quite well with almost all amps I threw at it, aside from the ZDT Jr which I just didn't really care for in general. All amps I've used have had varied results with the Verite though. What pads are you using?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
  3. jawks
    Hey, thanks for the follow-up reply. I've been using the Verite pads. I haven't tried the Universe pads yet but have heard that these produce a warmer and less linear sound. I knew that the headphones would probably sound different through different amps but was surprised at how different the Verite sounded on the CSP2 vs the amp section of the iFi iDSD Pro.
  4. RMarks271
    Just to piggy-back off your comment - do you have any experience with the Pendant that you could share?
  5. bryceu
    Right on. Yea I use the the Verite lambskin almost exclusively. Whenever I switch to the Universe or Universe suede they don't stay on long. I've heard other good things about iFi iDSD Pro pairing, but yea very surprising on the Decware CSP2. Maybe it's your current tube roll?
    I found the BHC+SB (with Raytheon 12au7, Tung Sol 5998 domino) pairing to be really good. I also enjoyed the Verite with Liquid Platinum + Bugle Boys, Mjolnir 2 + LISST, stock, 396A, and THX 887.

    @RMarks271 only when I demo'd the VO + Pendant at CanJam. It sounded absolutely excellent, and resulted in me pursuing the Verite, but I had no point of reference at the time.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  6. Pharmaboy
    I wish someone would write a song titled, "Norwegian Wood."
  7. heliosphann
    Oh no, are we in the timeline from that horrible film Yesterday?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  8. Pharmaboy
    Loaner Verite open is in the house--along w/a loaner VC that's been quietly rearranging my ears & brain in the past week.

    Haven't tried the VO, will will today or tomorrow. I have a feeling this is going to get even more interesting...
  9. Pharmaboy
    If only there was a song titled "Yesterday" ...
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  10. nishan99
    Nope that's what I got now.
    Yeah the lambskin verite pads are awesome!, I have the lamb and suede universe pads and both are no match to the verite pads (to my taste).
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  11. nishan99
    The staging on the Verite (with the lambskin verite pads) is excellent IMO.
    Width is average (Ananda wide), the height is also average (a bit taller than the Elex) but the depth is crazy!! the deepest from a pair of headphones that I listened to (2 inches in front of my eyes and around one feet behind my head).
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  12. nishan99
    You may want to stay away from dark sounding amps or tubes with the Verite, I myself boost the treble with some EQ even with the verite lambskin pads with the THX788. So you may like a slightly bright combos with the Verite.
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  13. jawks
    That sounds like sound advice, particularly given my recent experience pairing the Verite with the CSP2. Funny, because the reviews seem to suggest that OTL tube amps are well suited for the Verite.
  14. robo24
    I am very much enjoying the Verite out of the ifi Micro Black. The 3D switch on it seems to create a more ethereal presentation which fills the sound stage and seems to move some sounds up so that it does feel more like a 3D bubble around my head which is full of sound. With some of the tracks suggested on the previous page, it's over the top. It's at least very good out of all the amps I have, and the Hugo 2 especially. Waiting on a DarkVoice just to have an OTL to try until my Glenn OTL is ready. After only a week with the Verite, I'm becoming more impressed with them each day (which isn't burn in as mine are used).

    Being still relatively new to the hobby, I'm always amazed how my first impression is often underwhelming until my brain adjusts to the sound and then begins to realize what the headphone is capable of. My first impression was that they have a similar overall sound to the Atticus (which I've only had 6 weeks and has been my main pair since then) with much more detail. I was a little disappointed at first that they didn't have a radically different sound. Now, however, the differences are becoming revealed and I'm loving both.
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  15. johnnypaddock
    Mine sounded great driven by a Bottlehead Crack / Speedball. A bit on the warm side and I preferred the speed of the ZMF Pendant, but the BHC was certainly no slouch. I'm sure a Glenn OTL would be a nice match although I haven't heard one yet myself.
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