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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. arthasss
    Icons vs Tenores?
  2. Lifted Andreas
    This will be done when I have some time.
    On the first listen it sounds to me like the Icons are an overall upgrade to the Tenores.
  3. peter123

    As always fit is extremely individual. I for one find the Phonaks more comfortable (and more engaging) than the Tenores and use them as my go to sleep IEM's.

    I also prefer the sound of the Phonaks over the LZ-a2 for my preference so YMMV (and obviously does :wink: ).
    ozkan likes this.
  4. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG]  1+
    (yes that is also a pun)
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  5. Lifted Andreas
    Love your puns mate!
    How about a comparison with the Puros? :D
    *pun is not available at this time*
  6. Lurk650
    In the Puro thread Twin has said the Puros and Icons are tied for #1 on his list.

    On that note, anybody with both Puros and Tenores. Try out Puro tips on them. I swear they sound better.
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  7. Aevum
    on the tenores ?
  8. TwinACStacks

    Lifted, I absolutely Love the Puros and have since I got them but these Icons are something else. I can't describe them other than being "ROUND"
    Their sound isn't Dark But it isn't Bright.
    It's a Goldilocks Earphone it's JUST RIGHT.
    I can listen to these for Hours. Bass has HUGE impact, Mids are just enough upfront to keep the vocals out of the Bass, I very much disagree with a Review I read somewhere about them being unnatural, he must be from another planet.  Highs are there but VERY smooth. Never Harsh, Spiky or Sibilant. VERY ENJOYABLE.
    PLUS they aren't real fussy about the source material, they sound good with just about everything. They are Easy to drive.
    They are more intimate than the Puros whose soundstage is quite Large. I think that may be due to Single DD v.s. Double DDs. Multiple drivers (to my ears) seem to offer a sense of more spaciousness somehow.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
    Lifted Andreas and jatergb like this.
  9. Lurk650

    Yes... I've only ever used the stock med tips for the Tenore which I believe is a thinner material than the Puro tip material. I seem to get a better seal, isolation is seriously around high 90% without any music
  10. leggy

    I used to use the spiraldot on the tenor now on the Puro and they both sounds fantastic.
    I no longer have the Tenore, donated it to a relative who broke his Apple earphone and he was amazed by the sound quality :sunglasses:
  11. Lurk650

    Yeah my coworker wouldn't give in to the Puro or Bette since he broke his Apple Earpods. He instead ordered a couple of $25 ones off Amazon, the cost of the Bettes alone which I'm sure have way better SQ
  12. Lurk650
    Just got Medium sized Spin Fit tips from Ebay so they are on my Tenores right now, gonna do some A/B'ing between them on the Puro tips...as well as throw either the other Medium size or one of the two large sizes on the Puro when I get home
  13. ebrian
    I finally received Spiral Dot tips from ebay.  I've had them for about 2 weeks now (it took 54 days to deliver).  
    They're fantastic on the Tenore, even better than the MEE DF tips.
  14. Lifted Andreas
    Twin has both, I quoted his reply for you. :wink:
    I wholeheartedly agree with this, the Icons have somehow managed to make me forget about all my other IEMs...
    Dark magic I say!!!
  15. Lurk650
    Oh yeah I've seen it...on that note the Puros and Tenores have the Spin Fit tips on them for me now
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