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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. NuckinFutz

    1st time around I did for a while, then I realised they are very one dimensional in their presentation and lack dynamics somewhat so I traded them. Regretted it ever since. Really interested how I'll like the 2nd pair
  2. Aevum
    the GR07 or the Zero Audios were one dimensional ?
  3. NuckinFutz
    The Tenore, they had nice width to the sound but it was always out there, it didn't throw anything forward. They are just very flat, in both frequency response and presentation. This can be both good and bad. I didn't really care at the beginning as I was critically listening to them for response and appreciating them, it was only later when I realised they were missing something
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  4. Lifted Andreas

    I think I know what you mean, I get that from them sometimes as well.

    Guess it makes it easier to get lost in the sound if you don't overanalyze them.
  5. AudioAw2015

    I don't recommend doing critical listening with the Tenore. The flaws reveal themselves very quickly. As to the flat sound, I understand what you mean. They don't slam hard enough in the bass department and there isn't enough accent to the treble, so you don't get a energetic/dynamic sound. But you'll appreciate it when you get tired of aggressive sounding iems.
  6. NuckinFutz

    It only started when someone (think it was James444) posted a track asking if anyone found it lacking on the Tenore....I did. It then made me comparing back to the GR07, which I hadn't picked up in ages, and comparing dynamics instead. I then wanted a more dynamic live sound, so I traded them,

    Funny you mention that, I finally got a pair of EPH100's after ages a few months back. They have a really energetic, engaging and dynamic sound that did become fatiguing after a while, only because I listen at pretty high volume levels. Really the opposite to the Tenore in presentation. I'll probably end up getting those again as well at some point.
  7. Lifted Andreas

    Yeah I've had 2 pairs of EPH100 now, still got my 2nd pair. They are definitely more energetic and engaging when compared with the Tenore. I don't get any fatigue from them at all.
  8. Lurk650
    The Bettes have very quickly moved up to my favorite IEM, then the Puro's. Tenores and E80's are kind of at a tie. Both do different things nicely. If it wasn't for the Tenores a couple months ago I wouldn't have gotten the E80, Puros or Bettes.
  9. Lifted Andreas

    Apparently the Icons beat the the E50s in overall sound quality, according to one review.
  10. Lurk650
    Yeah I'm not sure of the E50 sound other than reviews, and the one review that compares both the 50 and 80 I dont agree with his finding of the 80's. He said they are super neutral and not fun. IMHO the mid bass is bumped up (compared to the Tenores, Puros & Bettes) and that makes them more fun for bass tracks and would be perfect at the gym and out doing activities. 
  11. rambomhtri
    They key points of the Tenore's are:
    1. They are inexpensive for the quality they have
    2. They are extremely comfortable, probably one of the best headphones in the comfortable department
    3. They sound amazing
  12. ebrian
    I've had mine for about a year and plus I bought mine used.  No issue with cable at all either.  
  13. Aevum
    I have been revisiting my phonaks and i understand whats being said, while thr tenore and the pfe sound very similar the phonaks just invoke a stronger emotional response from me, as if something was missing in the tenores.
  14. originalsnuffy
    I have the Phonaks.  They sound good but getting proper placement in the ear is a challenge. They are also fairly inefficient.
    Compare that to the Tenores that are a comfortable fit in the ear and you can even asleep with them in the ears while playing music.
    The LZ-A2, which when properly situated are a step up from both the Phonaks and the Tenores, are most comfortable  wear for me than the Phonaks but can not touch the comfort of the Tenores.
  15. NuckinFutz
    2nd pair of Tenore's are now with me....not letting this pair go! Traded my 1st pair for the Titan's...bad bad move...couldn't be more different.

    Exactly as I remember them, great tonality.

    If you like a slightly warm and smooth sound these need to be in your rotation. I don't care if there are better sounding IEM's with this sound sig, for the price of these get them anyway :)
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