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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Grayson73
    Mine have ear rattling bass punch/thump, great for pop and EDM.  Both Meelectronics double flange and JVC spiral dots.
  2. OliverBB
    Going with the Spiral Dots from the stock Tenore tips increased the bass for me as well. Bass is very weighty with the Spiral Dots! 
  3. Lurk650
    FWIW the Meelecs double flange cut almost all bass out for me
  4. Lifted Andreas

    Wow really?

    They extend the bass loads for me.
  5. Lurk650

    Yeah double flange don't like my ears lol.
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  6. Lifted Andreas

    Lol that's weird.

    I got some of these babies today.

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  7. Lurk650
    Yeah SF on the Tenores and Puros are working for me
  8. Lifted Andreas

    Man, SF are so comfy. Both on my Icons and the Tenores.
  9. Zeebit
    What size of spiral dots should I get? I use the medium stock tips.
  10. ozkan

    ML size.
  11. RainHeaven
    Its been a while since I've came into this thread..
    I rarely listen to music through IEMs because I really don't have any opportunities to listen portably. One day I decided to listen through IEMs which I haven't done in months. I have Dita The Answer @ $650 and just wasn't quite satisified with it. Then I switched to the Tenores and thought "This is the sound that I love." How I could love the Tenores more than The Answer I thought was pretty insane considering that they are over 10 times more expensive. Still not quite sure why I like them so much but one reason for sure is that The Answer sound at the same volume is too sharp with the balanced eartips. I can also turn up the volume on Tenore a little more without worrying about damaging my hearing.
    Lifted Andreas and rambomhtri like this.
  12. NuckinFutz
    The Tenore just sounds right, doesn't matter how you get there and how much clever and expensive tech you use, just needs to sound right. Zero managed this at a very low cost...hats off
  13. rambomhtri
    Wow, I like when people choose $50 headphones over $500 headphones. And actually that's reaaaaaally weird cause our brain is telling us "You spent $500 on these... HOW IN HELL would these $50 sound to you better!!??".
    It's really hard to analyze IEM's or any sound device once you, and your brain, know the price of both gadgets or devices. It's because we all are always very positive about which one is and must be better.
    I think the audio equipment of audiophiles would be quite different if we didn't knew the prices, neither the "best" brand (because they have high prices). If you really want to buy with your brain and ears, you MUST remove the price tags and trademarks, and be quite ignorant about aesthetics of brands, and guide yourself by your ears. You shouldn't even look at the equipment you're comparing, as materials and aesthetics can tell a lot about devices.
  14. Aevum
    happened to me when i upgraded from the IE8 to the SM3v2, at first i was disapointed, the sound was much more fun on the sennheiser but the SM3v2 was faster and somewhat more analitical.
    then i got use to it and it was beautiful.
    As for the tenores... after i lost my rig, and my current job dosnt allow me to invest as much as i use to in audio products i suddenly found myself looking for "bargins" and "giant killers".
    Everyone was posting that the Vsonic VSD5 were tunned very similarly to the highly valued sony EX1000 so i bought them, and as a curiosity i got the tenores as well.
    The vsonics were delivered in 2-3 days and at first i liked them, the only thing that annoyed me was not being able to get a decent seal with them, and then i started noticing the sibilance and that the midrage was vailed, every time i listened to them they sounded worst.
    meanwhile the tenores arived... and i must say, they added insult to injury when it came to the vsonics, they just crushed the VSD5 in every aspect.Clarity, bass dept, clean non sibilant treble.
    some cheapo buds from japan were actually standing up to my Phonak PFE (gray filters) in many aspects and winning. they manage to get 99% of the way of the phonaks and with exception of a few specific songs i can not tell them apart.
    i miss my SM3v2 and my sony A15... its going to be a while before i can afford to replace them, but meanwhile the tenores will do. i just wish i didnt have a source as flat as the clip, it sounds good but sometimes i think its missing that extra soul that makes your hairs stand up and that chill come up your spine.
  15. Raketen
    Glad to read vsonic faithfully reproduced the sibilance of the ex1000 [​IMG]
    Have you researched Fiio m3? Supposed to have a good sound, little more expensive than clip.
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