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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    I get where you are coming from and I typically feel the same way wanting to use an iem across all sources.  However, we're only talking a $10 investment and, IMO, the effect is significantly better than most iems I've heard.  The Somic driver, after EQ, sounds incredibly clear, nimble and dynamic.  I will be picking one up when it's released and having spent a good deal of time to recreate the EQ on my iPhone, in Equalizer, will be using it quite often.  Switching from the AK240/UERM (balanced) to the iPhone/Somic was pretty seamless with zero adjustment time.
    Didn't mean to derail the Tenore thread, I just figured a bunch of you guys would appreciate the Somic with EQ, knowing you love the Tenore for the same reasons I do.
    Edit: seems retail price on the Somic may be $30, not $10.
  2. vlenbo

    Why thank you good sir. I now understand why you and some may have not brought up the havi b3 odd sound.

    Will keep this noted.

    Except whwn i see posts like this, thank you eric. I gues i will bite sooner or later and purchase one for good measure!!

    Oh really? Im pretty happy you got the xe800 instead! As people described the SQ of the vivo earphones, i have been wanting to try them as well! Its peak night be a bit lowe than the gr07s themselves.

    Once you receive them, happy listening!

    The gr07
  3. Francisk

    I don't mind getting the Somic even at $30 for just a single dedicated player if it really sound as good as the UERM since I can't afford the UERM now after splashing on the TG334 recently. $30 for the UERM sound is daylight robbery

    On second thoughts why can't Somic just pay the person who initiated the "Supreme EQ" and retune their MH412 to duplicate that EQ setting and rename it MH412EQ....then sell it for double the price. I guarantee it'll definitely be an instant hit. I really can't be assed with EQ for every different device.
  4. mejoshua
    When is the somic getting released? Also, it should work on any android phone right?
  5. luisdent

  6. luisdent
    Definitely. I wouldn't have some, if any, of my iems if i didn't use eq. :p the cheaper the iem that sounds great with eq the better. Lol
  7. oMalakai
    Well, TTS appeared really fast. I thought that it as something with the song, or the fit, but after some tests I realzed that the right driver was sounding at a lower volume. I just half-opened the mesh and stuffed some cotton there. Problem fixed. Thanks for the quick fix [​IMG]
  8. gnarlsagan

    Nice! Hope it lasts. Mine has. Keep us updated!
  9. oMalakai
    I don't see why it shouldn't last. It was an instant fix so it's not like a coincidence or something [​IMG]
    Anyways, it's just so dumb that the lack of foam as filter or something can cause a problem that's so annoying.
  10. luisdent
    Has anyone found a great tip for the tenore that is foam "other" than the s series?
  11. gnarlsagan

    I'll give my Monster super tips a shot and report back.
  12. luisdent
    Cool. I just can't seem to get consistent sound with any silicon tips. They never seem to seal the same each time. Very frustrating. I never used to have this problem. I think it's because I want to have the most shallow seal possible, and they only really seal consistently when they're mid ear. At least I assume. But foam would probably seal better even shallow...
  13. gnarlsagan

    I've had a really good experience with the meelec biflanges as long as I push them straight in while pushing one side of the tip against one side of my ear. This allows me to insert them far enough without forming a seal until I let go completely. The tip then fills the ear canal and stays put. So basically push the tip in, but try not to let one side of the tip connect with your ear until you stop pushing the tips in. Sounds kind of weird when I explain it, but it works great, and I don't get any suction or pressure build up at all.
  14. luisdent
    i do that sometimes as well.

    I think i fixed my issue though. Will post later...
  15. luisdent
    So here's the deal. As I discussed previously, using a bit of tip material to act as a vent just didn't work for me. Altered the sound way too much. However, the idea is sound. So I started experimenting with different materials to find something that doesn't change the sound, but allows me to prevent a strong vacuum seal, making it easier to fit them quickly and consistently.
    Ready for this? No joke. Dental tape. The wider floss. Specifically this brand/type: http://www.oralb.com/products/glide-pro-health-comfort-plus-floss/
    That's right folks. You can keep your ears clean while you listen to music! Less plaque equals more details!
    But seriously, it is perfect in two ways. First, it's incredibly easy to thread through a tip and then pop the tip on the earphone. Then you can pull the floss back until it isn't covering the opening at all. So easy to implement. You can cut off the excess too if you care to and don't change tips often.
    Second, it acts as a more slow vent. I can push the earphones in at any depth and within about 1-2 full seconds the air pressurizes perfectly and they are very comfortable. This slower release allows enough of a break in vacuum that it doesn't alter the bass at all. In fact, I left longer floss hanging out initially and pulled the floss out while listening to music. No change in sound.
    I also removed the floss and inserted the earphones a bunch and swapped back to floss, repeat, repeat. There is definitely a clear change in the pressurization after a second or two. I've listened to them all day, and not once have I had a problem with the sound or refitting them after removing them. I'll post back after a few days. But now these definitely rock more than any other iem I have. Minus the cable pulling out of the housing, but so far it's still technically in tact...
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