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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. waynes world

    Ok ok, I should do it. I did take a look a while ago, and thought that getting the filter off might be tricky. But it sounds like it shouldn't be afterall.
  2. Kaffeemann
    Actually the distortion is pretty high because it is shown relative to the frequency resonse.
  3. oMalakai
    Nah, it's pretty easy. If you don't want to destroy it, just use something sharp on the borders of the filter until it gets loose. I did until half of it was off, and I stuffed the cotton.
  4. robervaul
    I have Tenore and my player is sansa clip zip rockboxed !
    I really need some ready eq file for (Rock - EDM - pop )
    could anyone suggest a .cfg?
  5. Airlight
    The Tenore is already so balanced, I don't see you needing any specific EQ. Besides EQ is entirely subjective and people will prefer different emphasis to different frequencies.
    That said I suppose a slightly boost to the 6K area for your Tenore might give it a bit more bite for the more aggressive genres you describe.
  6. luisdent
  7. Lifted Andreas

    I wouldn't use any config with these.

    You should just bump up the 6k region on your EQ a bit if you can.

    I use mine with the X3 and have the bass up +5 and treble +2. Get a fuller sound that way, and its more to my liking when listening to Trance.
  8. robervaul
    Tks Guys. 
    This is equalizer 10 band CLip Zip in Flat. 
    I changed the 5000 to 6000?

    LS:   0   327
    PK1: 0   640
    PK2: 0   1250
    PK3: 0   2500
    PK4: 0   5000 
    PK5: 0   10000
    PK6: 0   20000
    PK7: 0   40000
    PK8: 0   80000
    HS:  0   160007
  9. Pensel
    Hi, may I ask what's the difference between DX200 and DX210? DX210 is available on Amazon for my location (Australia) and it's cheaper too :)
  10. soundstige
    200 is the Tenore, 210 is the Basso. Different models with considerably different fit and sound, and likely different drivers. The Basso has been reviewed to be quite good, just not nearly as stunning as the Tenore.
  11. kahaluu
    Tenore's are more neutral sounding, the bassos have lot's of bass.
  12. Eric95M
    I bought a pair of the Basso's.  I picked them over the tenores due to the ability to handle 200 mW vs. 150.  I use an e12.  The Basso's didn't last a week.  So, not sure where they are getting the input wattage from.  The sound was good though.  Good IEM's if you don't need power.
  13. Mackem
    So does the TTS problem definitely get fixed with the cotton thing? Just wondering as I got a new pair of Tenores and was wondering if there was any steps/suggestions on how to go about doing the cotton fix if (when?) it happens to my new pair.
    On another note though, I love the Tenore. Amazing at the pricepoint and can't see myself upgrading unless these quite literally break beyond repair or if ZA brings out a Tenore V2 in the future.
  14. kahaluu
    Yeah, it's really unfortunate about all the problems with the Tenore's. They sure sound good though.
  15. gnarlsagan

    Imo yes. Haven't had anything close to TTS after doing the mod.
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