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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. luisdent
    Regarding filters for the er4s, that's nothing like vent modding. You are using a makeshift vent to release pressure. The effects of this could vary drastically between users, materials, tips, etc. simply put, the earphones weren't designed to do this mod. But if it works, by all means do it.

    The er4s "was" designed to use filters and those filters are permanent replaceable parts that are consistent and even sold by the company.

    So i would say you can't compare those things really. Not to say the er4s isn't flawed in some areas, or that people don't mod them. My point was just that i think it's fine to do these mods, and i'm not discouraging anyone from trying them. I was just implying that it isn't an especially good product if an unsupported mod is required to make the sound good. Not just sound better, but from what we can tell... Sound good. Usually the mod reduces bass. If the bass variances didn't exist, most people wouldn't need a mod. That's the fault of quality control.

    I liken it to something like a new computer with a broken cd drive. If you can tape the cd-drive shut to get it to work then who cares?... Well, realistically i don't know many people that wouldn't return a computer with a messed cd drive. So why should the tenore be any different?

    In the real world it is probably because not many othet affordable iems sound so good. So people are willing to "tape the cd drive shut" to get it working, since the cds rip so incredibly fast or something... :p

    Anyway, point being, they sound great. Mod them if you need to. But it doesn't excuse the need for a mod like that. :-o that was all i meant.

    I love modding things to improve them. But it's one thing to shape the sound with a mode. It's another to mod something to fix a problem that shouldn't be there. But i guess you could argue whether it would be necessary for someone to do even if they had a neutral set. At that point i'd say do what you need to if you like them. I was just speaking from the viewpoint that people were bringing the bass back down in bass heavy sets.
  2. Grayson73
    I had the same experience with the Sony Hybrids.
  3. raisedbywolves
    just got mine. not sure what i think yet. not entirely blown away yet. first thing i've noticed compared to my re-400's is that i have to turn the volume way up comparatively through my hrt microstreamer connected to my laptop. tonality is very good as said, but the low-end is a little disappointing so far. i'll try the larger tips with a shallow insertion.
  4. shotgunshane Contributor
    Anyone buying or loving the Tenore for its relative neutrality needs to check out this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/726569/review-tour-somic-mh412-viper4android-the-put-up-or-shut-up-review-and-tour

    After applying Joe's eq to the Somic MH412, a supposedly $10 iem when released, it surpasses the best of the Tenore's. Again, this is with EQ. Without eq the iem is a typical boomy consumer sound but with pretty great build quality. After Joe's EQ, it's simply brilliant. Truly top tier sound IMO.
  5. raisedbywolves
    switching to the larger tips with shallower insertion helped a lot. listening now with my brand new dx90 and this is great. should hold me over nicely until i get my rockets.
  6. SkiesOfAzel
    Yeah, i have been following this thread from the start and it gets better and better. I am not a fan of eq, but i will give the Somic a shot when it's released. I am also waiting for the Rocket to be released.
  7. vlenbo

    Im surprised you guys arent helping the havi b3 pro thread. That one should definitely appeal to consumers who love a natural tonality as their sig.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    I didn't think much of the havi b3 old version. It was pretty odd sounding and off putting to me.
  9. ericp10
    I think the B3 Pro I shoots way above the Tenore (and the Tenore is pretty decent). 
  10. oMalakai
    I'm a bit sad now. Can't complain about anything on the Tenores, but for some reason they don't give me joy as much as my previous Brainwavz M3. I can't tell what it is, tho.
  11. luisdent
    I have my ex85lp sounding better than the tenore with eq. Also eq'd hte pfe112 pretty darn good. But I hate using eq. I still do when available, but man it's nice to have a no-eq earphone.
    I firmly believe "most" earphones that are reasonably capable drivers can sound as reference as the tenore with eq. However, the problem lies in the ability to generate the eq. The earphones I've eq'd, I've done by using a graph as a guide. I'm pretty confident I can get most of the way there by ear, however, the worse the earphone, usually the more dips and peaks. It can be surprisingly difficult to isolate and rectify them all. Something like the er4s, pfe112, etc. have a fairly small number of dips/peaks, so they can be isolated pretty easily.
    Anyway, I'm rambling... But I definitely believe it is possible to eq an earphone to perfection, or close to it, assuming you have the ear and tools. But once you plug it into another device you're screwed. :p
    Kaffeemann likes this.
  12. Francisk

    Yes, there's a lot of magic (compensation) EQ can do but I'd rather have a good stock sound straight off my phones because I plug them into many devices.....and.....all EQs have their own sound characteristic to begin with.
  13. waynes world

    Thanks for pointing that thread out. Great thread and great initial post james444! I haven't made my way through all of the posts yet, but so far I have come away very intrigued by the MH412/EQ combo, and also somewhat proud of my KC06's :)
  14. luisdent
    A well programmed parametric eq should sound identical with the same settings. I've verified this across many devices with my a/b switch.
    However,  you are very correct. There are a LOT of eq apps out there. Some mimick vintage physical eqs, some use proprietary algorithms, features, etc. And some simply adjust sound differently based on the values/curves. So you need to know what you're doing with some of them...
  15. SkiesOfAzel
    Well, i always end up picking something else instead of the Havi. I was toying with the idea of getting one but then i discovered the XE800 which is a retuned GR07. Since i love the diaphragm of the GR07 but i have issues with the tuning of the treble, i though i should give the Vivo a chance, if the treble is flatter it should be full on win [​IMG].
    Yeah, i agree, most iems can sound great with a proper eq but it's too much of a hassle when you use multiple iems with multiple sources. And while fr is important, other factors such as distortion can limit the success of the eq.
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