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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. luisdent
    That mod is horrible for me. It makes my tenores sound hollow and just plain bad. I tried it with a much thinner piece of paper to minimize leakage and it was better, but still not good. All it does it break the seal for me instead of just lessing the bass. This causes scooped out frequencies in the mids for me too. I find the depth is more critical for me personally. Shallow is better with any tips. Perhaps if there was a much small venting amount it would be better? Or if your tenore is uber bassy maybe, but even then it would affect more than I prefer.
  2. oMalakai
    Hey, gonna try that later, thanks!
    I don't know, the problem for me is not the bass, it's the highs, mids, and soundstage. If I use a deeper, tight seal, high extension is worse, worse soundstage and overall, mediocre sound. I need to a get a loose seal to achieve the best sound.
  3. oMalakai
    Works great the mod for me now, at least now I can get the perfect seal really easy. Before this I had to be careful to not push them past a certain point, because that would made them sound weird, and also, make a vacuum-seal that was annoying. Btw, I was testing the bass handling capacities of the Tenores and well, after some silly testing involving the Mach3 Bass of Cowon, and Viper Audio app, I ended up with a headache and a bit dizzy [​IMG]
  4. SkiesOfAzel
    Lol yes, their extension is truly bottomless.
  5. raisedbywolves
    i just ordered these today. what kind of tips are recommended other than the meelec double flanges? i have auvio and sony hybrids available to me already.
  6. luisdent
    I agree about that, but for me it isn't a "vented" seal that fixes it, it's a shallow gentle fit. But no air can be leaking or it sounds completely off to me. This might vary for different people though. I personally feel that if you need to create a vented ear tip and really finagle with the fit then that isn't a great earphone. I'm not saying I don't do things like that to get great sound. Great sound is what matters most to me. However, it makes me think less of an iem if the best sound can't be achieved by simply using them as intended.
    And these aren't even consistent "hacks" or "mods". But it is what it is I suppose, and we're stuck with the variations and flaws. But when they sound good they sure do sound good. :p
  7. oMalakai
    I didn't like how it sounded with the Hybrids. Sounded dull and highs lose their sparkle, and soundstage was smaller. Using the stock ones with the vent mod now...I think that you just should try what fits you better, or what sounds better to you. IMO, the stock tips aren't bad.
  8. Francisk
    I like the large Ortofon tips with the Tenore....the best match for me so far.
  9. oMalakai
    Well, now that you say it, it's not exactly a seal where air is leaking, but if I push them a bit further than the "sweet zone", the air pressure, and the vacuum on my ears feels reeeally uncomfortable and even painful, asides from the mediocre sound. Whatever, at least with the "vent mod" I just push them firmly on my ears, and it's done. No more annoying vaccuum.
  10. james444 Contributor
    No prob, if it doesn't work for you, simply let it be... just saying front and back venting is a common way to tune DD based IEMs, nothing wrong about that.
    As for the bolded part, well it's a fact that people have different preferences, listening habits and HRTFs. How about all the filter swapping and EQing posts in the ER4S thread, does that make them lesser IEMs? [​IMG]

    I've learned that air pressure and a vacuum seal can be a big issue for some people, ranging from annoying to painful. I personally don't have this problem, but for me, if the ear canal's air pressure is exactly equal to the outside, perceived transparency is enhanced and soundstage gains a nice open feel.
  11. cloudyDay
    I've been using my carbo basso for a little over a year now and I have zero complaints. I haven't had the opportunity to compare it to another pair of IEM headphones so it still sounds great to me. I'm sure there are aspects of the sound quality that could be improved by moving up in quality/tier. 
    Anyway does anyone know where I can purchase OEM carbo basso tips? I let my sister borrow my carbo basso for a while and she lost one of the tips... I was using the MEelectronics double flange tips, but I preferred the original tips as they feel more comfortable to me. I'm currently using an original medium tip and an original small tip. This works out okay as my right ear canal is smaller than my left. I'd still prefer to have both original medium tips though. I read in this thread that the sony hybrid tips were a good replacement as well. Thoughts?
  12. gnarlsagan

    I'd say yes. We're pretty honest about the (few) shortcomings of the ER4S.
  13. MuZo2
    Like mh1 they should be shallow inserted. Mh1 designer had confirmed that fr of mh1 is designed for shallow insertion.
  14. zest
    I agree with you, insertion depth is much more important, mine was wrong in the beginning and I couldn't get enough sub-bass.
    Sony Hybrid clones work for me.[​IMG]
  15. SilverEars
    Regarding pressure, TG334 performed the best when fully sealed with a set of silicone tips.  It's BA with no vent and Tenores are microdynamic with a venting system, which would most likely need a flow of air(obviously since it's a vented system) vs BA.  Anybody have a diagram showing how the air flows through a microdynamic?
    Did Rin ever do a tip analysis focusing on the seal?  Also the bore diameter?  Bore diameter could be related to the gain study he did, but this study focused on horn type iem outlets that provide gain and reduces treble peaks.
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