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You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

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  1. AHorseNamedJeff
    +1 at the willy wave part, I genuinely lol'd
    Back original topic, YKYAA when you check your backpack fr headphones before checking for homework.
  2. BillsonChang007
    You know you are an audiophile when whenever you saw headphones be it on the street/TV or anywhere, you go like"IS THAT [the headphone name]?" "OMG!" & then either rush to a nearby shop and try them or GOOGLE! "[the headphone name] review Head-Fi" & "[The headphone name] vs [your current favorite headphone]" xD

    Nah, I am not an audiophile, I just like doing that. In fact, I am like thousands miles away from becoming an audiophile but that's my goal & I am 14 year old. Some "people" always laugh at me for that... But WHO CARES? I am who I am in fact, I didn't give up my studies for this hobby! :)

    Billson :cool: <- LOL!
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  3. Currawong Contributor
    ....when whenever you go to someone's place or a hi-fi store the first thing you want to do is look behind their components to see what cables they are using. 
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  4. ev13wt
    Now that one made me laugh. Nice one!
  5. AHorseNamedJeff
    When you notice the Sennheiser logo on beyonces mic and instantly regain some hope.
  6. wolfetan44
    Why was this moved to the Members' Lounge? I request that it be moved to Headphones (full-sized)
  7. Tangster
    At most high street hi-fi stores here? Cambridge audio cables everywhere.
  8. wolfetan44
    When you have a subscription to Stereophile.
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  9. AHorseNamedJeff
    When you contemplate possibly headphone endorsement pairings, that don't already exist. My favorite so far is Rush Grado's.
  10. wolfetan44
    When you walk into this fundraiser assembly and as one of the prizes its a boombox and when you walk in its playing there. Well, I walked in and said to myself," Jeez, wheres that terrible sound coming from?" The guy said later that they were $290 and offered great sound.. I didn't retort though.
  11. treal512
    When you feel like you're staring a person down because you're trying to see what headphones they're wearing [​IMG]
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  12. ayaflo
    when you judge a girl by the cans she uses....and second only by her amazing looks ..
  13. streetdragon
    when you exchange sleep for music time, everytime. baggy eyes but delighted ears....[​IMG]

    also do most of the old chaps know about the existance of this page...?
  14. wolfetan44
    Nope, I would like to request to move it, but where?
  15. hifimanrookie
    When u buy stuff for ur rig, let them delivered somewhere else, hide the invoices and tell ur wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband (and ur cat..if u talk to her lolz) or all of the above (if ur in that situation [​IMG]) that u exchanged them for some old stuff u had or u just tell them a fictive very LOW price..and hope they dont check it..[​IMG]
    ps..am glad this thread is restarted..and that i by accident found version 2 here..i really liked the old one! [​IMG]
    A bit offtopic..i by accident found this thread again.soo...could we maybe advertise this thread on the other threads we are active? Like copy paste as info? I think that would help in making people aware that this thread is alive and kicking again..what u think guys?[​IMG]
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