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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. jmills8
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  2. waynes world
    Really looking for your impressions jdog!
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  3. jdog
    Thanks.  The 780 will arrive sometime this week; I'll get some time this next weekend to test it out and then post some impressions...
  4. 1TrickPony

    Do share impressions?
  5. visiblink
    I'm interested in this DAP and curious to learn which lossy formats are supported.
    I found this eBay listing, which states that the device will play AAC files, but I haven't seen that information anywhere else. I've got a lot of iTunes .m4a files, because my wife's all in with The Fruit Company. I've purchased a couple of AGPtEK H01's and they sounded great, but both had defects on arrival (one had scratches and the other had a defective volume knob), and I'm a bit hesitant to purchase a third one.
    If you could let us know whether it will play aac / .m4a files jdog, that would be cool.
  6. jdog
    I should receive the 780 soon and as soon as I get it, I'll try out a few AAC files...  I'll get back to you soon...
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  7. pr0b3r





    Not yet fully tested. I just noticed some clicks when skipping songs. I will do further testing when I get home tonight.
  8. 1TrickPony

    Sweet! Could you tell us if it plays flac files without issues? The 770(c) without Rockbox had fair issues with warble with flac...
  9. hqssui
    Thanks, It looks beautiful and well built . The display reminds me of HSA studio series .
  10. jdog
    Yes, the 780 plays AAC and ALAC files, but it does not play AIFF files.  I am getting my first DSD 64 file today, so I'll try this out later.  I have played some FLAC files (16/44) with no problems today.  I'll look into some higher res FLAC files later this weekend.  The sound quality is very good, I prefer HO B; there is a setting to change to LO, and there appear to be a graphic equalizer, but I need to figure out how to set this up.  More later...  oh, yes, there is a slight click when changing songs...
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  11. waynes world

    Awesome. If/when you get a chance, any SQ comparisons to the 770 (orug if possible) would be most appreciated!
  12. gravicap
    What about gapless playback?
  13. jdog
    No, it does not have gapless playback or cue support with current firmware.
  14. pr0b3r

    I posted a quick impression on this DAP at my local audio group back home.  Not sure if this will benefit with further burn in but here's my early impression OOTB:
    This is an interesting little DAP. Some new features that I see here are the two HP out ports having two different sound signatures. One on the left sounds mid-centric and the other on the right focuses more on instruments (and a bit louder when switching ports directly).  By comparing the two ports, I have noticed some peaks on female vocals, but only on high-pitched notes, on the left HP out.  The right HP out sounds more balanced for me and I liked this better.  Indeed, the instruments sounded fantastic, especially strings and percussion.  Though I heard some sibilance on some high-pitched female vocals  (probably more on the left).

    There's enough punch on the midbass but I'd prefer a deeper subbass (though it's decent).  Bass sounds full bodied overall but the xDuoo X10 sounds a bit cleaner.
    Treble strikes me as somewhat between natural to smooth sounding.  Missing a bit on mircodetails but both this and the mids doesn't feel veiled or recessed at all.

    Another new feature that I see is the bass boost toggle.  I feel like it makes the overall signature darker when used with an IEM.  I prefer to use this on earbuds to give additional body to the overall sound.  Line out works properly and I've got a wider soundstage using the Vorzamp Duo.
    I think you will find the overall signature of this DAP on the warm side due to the full-bodied bass, intimate vocals due to the limited width in stage but deep enough to hear proper layering and background instruments.  This is just a quick run through on the DAP's sound characteristics out of the box.  As we probably hear things differently, YMMV.

    - DSD decoding (tested up to 64 only, 256 on paper)
    - small footprint for a highly capable DAP, easy to stack
    - two HP out ports with different sound signatures
    - line out for stacking amps
    - bass boost toggle
    - might appeal to vocal lovers
    - a bit narrow (but deep) soundstage
    - there's a tendency to get peaky (left port) and sibilant (right port) vocals
    - only folder playing (I can't seem to find an SD card scanning feature)
    - quite sharp on the DAP's edges (the leather case alleviated this)

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  15. visiblink

    Hey thanks. Much appreciated! Now... this or the AGPtEK for a third go-round? Decisions, decisions....
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