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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. golov17
    just turn Off. Done :smile:
  2. hqssui

    Thanks a mil @golov17
  3. jdog
    Well, I've now had some time with the 780, and, in my opinion, it's a small DAP with big sound.... but, it's clearly not a DAP for everyone.  It's not clear to me who Xuelin had in mind when they developed this DAP.  Despite its size, the player feels solid and is attractive, especially resting in its leather case...  Again, I feel the sound quality of the 780 is very good, and the 780 does a wonderful job with vocals and mids.  The sound signature is warmer (I would not say darker) than the sound signatures of the 770s, and with the appropriate headphones, the sound quality of the 780 is similar to that of the 960 dual core model.  I am using earphones that lean more towards neutral with the 780; if I use warmer earphones, the bass on the 780 becomes somewhat boomy and a bit muddy.  There are two HO ports.  The one on the left tends to favor vocals and diminishes the music, while the one on the right comes across as more musical, but I feel the vocals are very well-preserved and natural sounding.  I prefer the sound I get from the right HO port.  The sound comes thru as powerful, and despite its small size, I can easily drive all my current IEMs and my Sennheiser HD558s.  In addition to 2 HO's, the 780 can also be set for LO for use with an amp.  Despite its warm sound, the bass comes thru as clear and well-defined; while the sound of cymbals and reeds/horns are well-maintained, crisp (not sibilant) and natural sounding.  The sound stage of the 780 is wider than that of the 770s.   The 780 does play AAC, ALAC and Hi-res FLAC files, as well as WAV and MP3 files.  It can also play DSD 64, 128 and 256 files.  The UI is somewhat simplistic and the screen is small, so navigation thru larger file libraries can take some time. The screen lists 3 lines at a time...  The Playlist setting allows you to select "now playing", "all songs" , "albums", "artists" and "genres", with albums and artists listed in alphabetical order, but this is only for files on the internal storage.  There is a power off setting as well as options for screen brightness/timer.  There is a shuffle feature.  The player has some preset equalizer options (but I have opted for normal) and appears to have a rudimentary user graphic equalizer, but I have not been able to figure out how to set this...There is a bass boost switch, but I do not use this.  The player does not offer gapless playback or cue support.  So with this in mind, I still feel like the 780 is a nice little DAP, but I do have some concerns.
    The player in its current form does have some limitations in regards to some features (lack of gapless playback and cue support, confusing user graphic equalizer), but maybe future firmware updates can improve on these issues.  While the background is very quiet, there is a small click that can be heard when you change songs; this is also an issue with the the 960 modified DAP, but not with any of the other Xuelin players I have.  I have encountered some issues with the performance of the 780 when I used a 128 gb microsd card that was pretty well filled with music files.  There can be a prolonged delay when switching between songs (several seconds) and I have encountered skipping on some songs.  So far, I have only seen this with a 128 gb microsd card; I have not seen this with a 64 gb microsd card filled with music files.  I have had absolutely no problems with music files in the internal storage.  I have no personal experience with the Xuelin 990, so I don't know if the sound quality of the two players is similar or not.  Although somewhat simplistic, I do find that navigation of the 780 with its side buttons/thumb scroll wheel is more convenient than the touch panel on the 770s.  In their current state, the 770s are more "complete" DAPs (especially since the original 770 and newer 770Cs can be rockboxed) than the 780.  Especially since the price of the 770C is less than the 780 (except perhaps in China).  But, to be honest, I prefer the sound quality of the 780 over that of the 770s...
    So, in summary, the 780 is an introductory level DAP with very good sound quality.  Navigation of the DAP is straight forward, but overall functionality is somewhat limited. The 780 may be a good choice for those who would like to have a basic, relatively inexpensive DAP with a warm sound signature and who want to play hi-res FLAC and DSD files (as well as MP3, WAV, AAC and ALAC), but don't require microsd cards >64 gb for external storage, gapless playback, or cue support...
  4. waynes world
    Nice summary @jdog!
    Hopefully they fix the >64G card issue.
    Does it have auto-resume? And if so, does it resume at the same spot in the last song played?
  5. golov17
  6. waynes world
    Hey Oleg, I haven't seen you in the Walnut V2 thread. You need that nut lol! 
  7. golov17
    only wav not good for me, unfortunately :cry:
  8. golov17
    Burn machines :fire::fire::fire: :grinning::grinning::grinning:
  9. walfredo
    Thanks for the impressions, folks! 
    How's the battery life?
  10. golov17
    The volume 40 is connected to amp Flac 24 bit half with 16, lasted 13 hours, after the first full charge.
  11. walfredo
    Cool.  My 990 lasts a bit over 7 hours (mix of mp3 and flac, volume 55, which I plenty in my headphones).
  12. jdog
    How many volume steps does the 990 have?  The 780 has 60 with current firmware version, and depending on the IEMs I am using, the volumes I use are in the 40-50 step range....  I did load the new firmware for the 780 on to my player, but I've yet to figure out very much change.  Maybe I should see how the 780 functions with larger file load (on a 128 gb microsd card)...  The latest firmware for the 780 is v1.06 (2/17/17) and can be found here:  http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4985162007
    golov17 likes this.
  13. golov17
    Useless update, anything good :bow::bow::bow:
  14. 1TrickPony
    wow, warmer than the 770??? not a deal breaker since I like warmth in general. Does it perform better with Flac files then? no more of that shredded warble coming from a 770? Thanks for the input @jdog. How is the end to end extension? Do you feel the highs are better on the previous entry dap? 
  15. Marcofra89
    Hi, i'm very interested in buying this dap could you please telle me what are the main issues with the Ui?
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