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Xuelin Ihifi 800, a brief introduction

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jdog, Feb 17, 2015.
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  1. XVortex
    Try to re-download and re install rockbox-full-xxx.zip (.rockbox folder). I've updated firmware and bind Power key to Select function.
  2. jdog
    Now all is working well.  Thanks.  The red dot power button and select button now have more distinct separate functions, but I don't see this as a problem.  I just have one request for future updates:  could you try to incorporate a few larger font options?  An old man like me is having trouble seeing some of these smaller fonts...  Thanks again.
  3. XVortex
    Settings - Theme settings - Font.
    Arent 35-Nimbus is not enough for you?
  4. XVortex

    Also there is bunch of themes.
    You can use this for example

    To install the theme just download and extract it to your .rockbox folder
    Then select in themes browse menu.
  5. jdog
    Well, with your initial .rockbox, you gave us several different font choices, but if you look at the revised .rockbox files for the 770C and the 800, the only font choice is 15 Helvetica...  Changing the theme will not increase the font choices.  I don't need anything as large as 35, but font selections up to about 18 would be nice...
  6. jdog
    Oh wait, I get it now.  We download the updates onto the microsd card with original .rockbox file.  Sorry, I thought these were 2 separate files for the .rockbox...
  7. XVortex
    Please do not use the rockbox-update-xxx.zip archive for initial setup!
    For clean SD card you MUST extract rockbox-full-xxx.zip then  rockbox-update-xxx.zip with file overwrite.
  8. jdog
    Got it now.  The program is working great now.  Thanks so much for everything.... You have greatly increased the value of the 800 and new 770C.  I hope everyone who owns one or both of these players takes advantage of your efforts...
  9. Fastyz400

    Yes, the firmware installer program can see my IHIFI800. I hit the "switch" for loader. Everything is fine. Rockbox is on my formatted to fat32 (128gb card).

    Installing computer is running Windows 7 on an atom processor. Drivers installed fine.
  10. Fastyz400
    Would the firmware of the IHIFI 800 cause the problem on installing the rockbox? My original firmware is: Es90018_v2.00
  11. jdog
    No, the firmware on the player will not prevent the upgrade.  Try running the RKupgrade image as administrator.  This is often a necessary step with Windows 7.
  12. Fastyz400
    Update on progress.  The intel cpu's that will not work on the update programs:
    intel core 3, core 5, core 7
    Intel atom
    My son's old computer with a core duo worked for my update.  Now my IHIFI 800 sounds like a real hifi player.  Full of life and excitement.  The original firmware was so flat and no excitement in the music.  
    ROCKBOX:    Rocks.
    nick n likes this.
  13. Fastyz400
    Now it's time to fill up my 120gb card with my good flac files.  Not the compressed crap.  LOL
  14. jdog

    Thanks for the update and glad to hear you got your 800 Rockbox'd....
  15. cynan
    Based on the frequency response posted here from Reference Audio Analyzer, the iHiFi 800, like the 770, seems to have a notable drop in bass below 80hz. The iHiFi 960 and the FiiO players don't seem to have this. This seems to correspond with jdog's excellently detailed notes on bass comparisons between the 800 and 960 as well as the 800 and FiiO X3ii. Interestingly, jdog's interpretation is that the X3 has less clean bass (and that the iHiFi 960 just has more bass) - but given the freq response data, perhaps this might be attributed to the YinJW ie800 overemphasizing the bass a bit (which would be why he likes to use them with the 800). 
    I wonder if the under-emphasized bass in the iHiFi 800 can be successfully corrected in EQ, especially now that Rockbox is available. This is the main thing that is preventing me from pulling the trigger on an iHiFi 800
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