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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 27, 2016.
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  1. rb2013 Contributor

    Thinking about these very nice 35V 100uf Nichicon Poly PL caps as mod upgrades.  They are not cheap at $4.82 each and the F-1 takes 5.
    But I'm sure they are way superior to the stock ones. 
    28 mOhm


    3000 Hrs @ 125°C

  2. rb2013 Contributor
    For the SPDIF RCA I'll try one each of these (I have left over from another project)

    nextgen™ RCA socket

    WBT-0210 Cu

    with signal conductor made of pure copper,
    for chassis mounting

    Profile in brief: WBT-0210 Cu:
    1. 75 ohms (typ.) characteristic impedance
    2. Totally distortion-free (no eddy currents)
    3. Ultimate conductivity (signal conductor made of pure copper)
    4. Inner contact designed as tulip contact with spring ring
    5. Outer contact in the form of a pat. double wave contact








    Product description:

    Eichmann Phono Pod

    The new Eichmann PhonoPod HC-XTC RCA female chassis socket is a low mass design with low inductive reactance for superior, extended bandwidth and more detailed, coherent sound. The PHonoPod HC-XTC uses 20 micron gold micro-plating over pure copper, resulting in better signal transfer, higher resolution, and our unique controlled 'skin-depth ratio' or SDR� for enhanced frequency/phase coherency. The PhonoPod also has the added advantage of being a true 75 Ohm impedance connection, amking this an ideal connector for use in digital (SPDIF) or video applications
  3. Caper
    My PC is a Intel NUC powered by a 230-->19v adapter.
    I have a Aqvox linear psu feeding the ddc.
    Also have a Jitterbug.
    Do you think that´s enough to get good sound of the F1?
    I can also try run the pc on battery.
    Seen some jumpstarters that can feed 19v to my NUC.
    Or I can simply take a 12v battery from my trailer and connect to my converter I use when using laptop there.
    Provide 19v.
    Have no idea but if I use battery to power the NUC, maybe the Aqvox and stuff like that is overkill??
  4. motberg
    I just bought one of these SBooster PS for another application and noted the NUC info at the bottom of the page. You may find it an interesting PS option.
    I think you would still keep the Aqvox (if it is 5V) for the USB power, especially if the F1 uses the USB 5V power.
    That combination with NUC/F1 and good PS's could be a great relatively simple solution.
    It probably would be a good idea to wait on the NUC PS until after you get the F1 up an running. I think it was mentioned that the F1 offers some isolation from the computer. It could be that the isolation on the F1 may minimize the cost effectiveness of the NUC PS upgrade. So maybe first get everything setup and then get any NUC PS options with some kind return policy offered so you can return it if it does not offer enough improvement.
  5. rb2013 Contributor
    No the PC is fine. Get a better source for the F1, a TeraDak DC30W and a DC iPurifier is working well for me. Some attention to AC filtering. A step-up from there a Regen type device, this will take an external power feed from the TeraDak.

    A decent USB cable as well.

    Good luck! This thing Rocks!
  6. rb2013 Contributor
    Good advice. I had a Aqvox, and it's not bad, but not great. I think the iPower 5VDC would be better, better still a inexpense full on LPS, but really thepossibilities are endless. The Aqvox is 5VDC, and comes with a breakout cable for power.

    'Each journey starts with a single step'
  7. Caper
    Really useful information here, thank you guy´s!
    I think I will sit tight and wait until the F1 arrives.
    That SBooster PSU seems very interesting and propably the first on my purchase list after the F1 has arrived.
    See that Sbooster is available here in Sweden and they offer 30 day´s buy&try!
    I will experiment with pure batterypower to the nuc also to see if cleaner power gives better SQ.
    Since I already have the Aqvox I propably wait a while looking at how to better feed the F1.
    Knowing myself I would doubt it will take long before I have a Teradac and a DC iPurifier at home also.
  8. ccschua
    I hope to have my unit soon. i believe the F-1 can be self power.
  9. Caper
  10. rb2013 Contributor
    F-1 Review Update:
    Last night another 4 hour listening session - now at the 70hr burnin mark.  Just keeps getting better and better - now running 24/7 for three day without a single unlock, or freeze. Same for the X-1 running my office system - more on that one later.
    Well it was Classic Rock night at rb2013's - Supertramp, Genesis, Led Zep, Jethro Tull (freaking 'Benefit' was unbelievable last night), etc...
    Each time my system has taken a leap forward - I love going back to stuff I have been listening to for a few decades.  Take Zep - first on cassette in my first car - a 'custom' Blaupunkt radio, then a Nakamichi 600, later on vinyl (when the tapes wore out!) with at least 20 different analog rigs, then on to CD, better vinyl (virgin 180/200 gram), Hi Res, and now WAV files.
    Each time my system improved it made listening to this great stuff 'fresh' again - new details emerging - a more direct experience to the music.  Well last night was a trip!  I'm shocked how stuff recorded on old Apex 16 track recorders captured so much information - that only now is being revealed.  A deep black background (from a lower noise floor) allows these very low level details to emerge - ambient reflections that the ear/mind use to recreate the illusion of a different performance venue.  But more interesting still - these deep ambient clues allow the ear/mind to project a true holographic presentation.  Like real 3D point sources - radiating out in the sound field - the subtle back and side reflections revealed.  Very good audio presents as stagger flattish 2D cutouts layered in the sound field - excellent audio blooms into 3D. And as the digital source gets better this 'point source' effect becomes greater - effortless.   Really, Really great analog has done this much better then digital - but I truly think digital has finally surpassed it.  At least for me.
    Years ago I had this amazing $30k analog system - VPI Super Scout Master signature (tonearm wired with Nordost Valhalla), Dynavector XV1S and Benz Ebony LP carts, Nordost Val IC's, Bent Audio step up transformers, Conrad Johnson Tubed phono pre (NOS Siemens CCa's), CJ Art2, etc....  In fact, I digitalized all my LPs (most virgin 200gm and 180gm pressings) at super high res 32 bit/176K sampling using a pro audio ADC.  I got with in 90-95% of the actually LP spinning.  Each album cleaned, de-maged, de-static, VTA aligned, VPI outer ring clamped and inner clamped, etc...I then sold all that equipment but kept the albums (I do have a less expensive analog rig now - Ortofon2M Black - outstanding cart!).  Used the money to invest in digital - getting the APL NWO DAC, etc...
    That was 10 yrs ago!
    And the benefits of this little F-1 in playing those Hi Res files is extraordinary.
    Anyway on to the X-1 - it has been playing faithfully in my office system, in fact listening right now to some wonderful Bach - Starker 'Six Suites for Solo Cello' - one of those Hi Res LP files.  Just awesome - the Bach and the X-1!  What space and tone! Right now at the 90 hr mark.  Once past 200 hrs will compare against the F-1 in my main listening room.  But already I can tell is better then the Breeze here.  Just greater ambience and detail.  The Singxer X-1 for $59 with NDK SD clocks for audio and USB, 4 layer board, low noise LDO!  How can you beat that?
    Ordered the Curious 200mm USB cable link for use between either the Regen or the Recovery (also on it's way) and the DDC (with or without a iPurifer2 in between).
    So I will get to try the F-1, X-1, Q-1S and the new Pro4a all with both of these neat devices - so far the Regen/iPurifer2 is sounding very good with the F-1.
  11. rb2013 Contributor

    6A for a single output!  That's a hefty beast - good price too.
    This one is highly recommended - but more expensive.
  12. rb2013 Contributor
    Here are some more pictures including some internal - I wonder what regulators he uses?
  13. rb2013 Contributor
    Here's an interesting one for under $100.  I like R-Cores for digital - they have higher noise suppression the toroidal.
    Ultra Low Noise linear Power supply 5V 9V 12V 15V 18V etc
    Linear power supply circuit structure are varied, we produce power with discrete components precision linear power supply based. using 2pcs Original Toshiba2SC5200.

    high quality R-core Transformer. The Performance is not an ordinary LT1085CT, LT1084, LM317 and other integrated regulator can compare.

    Input voltage:  AC115V or AC230V  for choose

    Output voltage: (have following several kinds for choose)
    1: DC5V   (7.5A)

    2: DC9V   (5.5A)
    3: DC12V (4.16A)
    4: DC15V (3.33A)
    5: DC18V (2.8A)
    6: DC24V (2.1A)
    7: DC28V (1.78A)

    Please tell us which kind voltage is you need.

    Output DC plug size: 5.5*2.1mm  ( Internal +    external -

    External dimensions:172mm*60mm*251mm (W*H*D)

    Front panel:  Default Black.   (we also can provide silver front)

    Package included:   Finished 65VA Ultra Low Noise linear Power supply        X 1
                                       Output DC cable   X 1  (DC plug 5.5*2.1mm)

    (we also can provide other size DC plug. if you need other type. Please add paypal note or contact us after do the payment)

  14. Caper
    No 19v option listed but mailed him if he can provide that.
    I am not sure if my NUC runs on 18v.
    The original psu delivers Output Voltage: 19V, 3.42A, 65 Watt
    This one 2.8A@18v.
  15. rb2013 Contributor

    May not have quite enough juice.  Wonder if he could set one for 7.5V as that's what the Regen and the Recovery like when powering the DDC.  Not quite sure what the F-1 draws - I bet it's more then 500mA's. At 9V the Regen gets kinda warm and from reading the posts on the Recovery thread - 9V is the very upper limit of Rev B board.
    Safer to use a 7-7.5V PS when powering both the iPurifer2 and the DDC.
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