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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 27, 2016.
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  1. Caper
  2. rb2013 Contributor

    Plenty of juice and sounds like a decent low cost solution.  At some point I will go for a better LPS - but I first need to nail down what my system will be- and what voltage I need.
    This DDC game is moving so fast right now...
  3. Caper
    Yeah, I was reading that Gustard U12 thread(200+) pages and decided to buy one.
    After placing the order I continued to read and realized the Gustard already is old stuff..
    Sold it without packing it up, buyer really happy though.
    So I aimed for a Pro3A but they were sold out.
    Decided to buy a Breeze wich is ok but now ordered a F1.
    I guess when you get your Pro4A the F1 might be old stuff [​IMG]
    I am really no Audiophile but enjoy tech stuff, that´s why I run the NUC as a mediarig here at home.
    Since buying a better soundsystem I joined this forum and when reading I can´t resist upgrading.
    I even subscribed to Tidal HiFi streaming service now when I have a decent soundsystem.
  4. rb2013 Contributor

    Welcome to the 'Machine'!  Thinking about it - that'll be on tonight's playlist!
    Yes it can be quite addicting - but the payoff is immense.  Right now for very little money just world class sound quality.
    The Pro4a will have to hurdle over a very high bar.  I will try it and keep it or sell it - by then I should have the mods under way on the new F-1 board.  I mean can I summon the band to appear in my listening room in the flesh?  I guess that's the 'Absolute Sound'. LOL! [​IMG]
    Hey it could be worse!  Imagine if there was no used market to sell this stuff. And on another thread someone just bought a couple of Mutec MC-3+ USB's!  That's $1000 EACH!  So the price to join this party is a lot more reasonable.
  5. Caper
    Absolutely love Pink Floyd, so does my friend that went so far he tatooed a wall and a prism on his arm [​IMG]
    Since upgrading I have been listening to Pink Floyd a LOT.
    Best group ever...maybe.
    I think I´ll stick to this party!
    Reasonably investments for me that have many other hobbies in my life.
    As soon as I am happy with my sound I will try to invite a friend of mine who still havent converted from analogue stuff.
    He only say, computer/digital music is just garbage and can´t compete at all.
  6. rb2013 Contributor

    'Wish You Where Here' is my favorite - well at least this computer audio is NOT 'running over the same old ground, year after year...'
    Yes many hobbies too!  REI has been killing me - new ultra light weight backpacking tent, new gortex rain gear, new ultra light Corsa ice axe, etc...it goes on and on.
    Oh you will get there - trust me - from an old crusty vinyl guy at heart.  You will blow him away!  I still spin once a month or so - just for the nostalgia of it.  Hit Goodwill looking for pristine classical vinyl - then digitalize it - so at least a decent analog rig is worth keeping.
  7. Caper
    I´ll be watching this thread closely to see what you think of the coming Pro4A and how you modify your F1 also.
    Have no such skills so I can modify anything really but have a friend that can help me with that.
    A bit off topic, sorry :
    I am an outdoor guy also, mostly fishing and hunting.
    My nickname is actually taken from what I mostly hunt with my own breeded dogs.
  8. rb2013 Contributor

    Cool!  Bet the hunting northern Sweden is amazing - Reindeer!  I'm mostly an alpine backpacker - the US Pac NW is rich with places - love the Olympics.  Hoisting that 50lb backpack up those mountains keeps me in shape.
    I will order up the Nichicons next week and as soon as the 2nd F-1 arrives begin the mods.
  9. b0bb

    Regulator based on the LM723 about as old as your Nakamichi 600, circa 1978.
    Nice comments BTW on the new XCORE-200 from XMOS
  10. rb2013 Contributor

    Hey thanks!  Then nada to that LPS - no free lunches.
    I see a Hynes in my future - down the road...
    Well in 6 months I expect at least a dozen new DDC with them - so that'll be interesting.
    Funny Breeze used a heat sink on the U-8 as std.  I imagine the reduced gate size of the XU208 allows them to run cool - faster processing speed too (less taxing on the device?).
    Could be why these have been so stable and the Breeze as well - versus the other DDC's I've had.
  11. b0bb
    Breeze makes a good product less skimping and corner cutting compared to most of their competition.
    Too much heat is always a bad thing for semiconductors, nice to see Breeze takes steps to deal with this.
    The regulators are dumping a lot of heat into the PCB, this will heat up the XMOS chip and the heatsink is quite crucial because of this,
    some of the other competing DDCs use the same method to heat sink the regulators but do not have the heatsink on chip.
    The faster processor XU208 may finally mean that we will start seeing DSD256 and DSD512 in DoP format,
    USB in UAC 2.0/async mode requires the DDC to report back to the host on the sample rates regularly, as the DDC is reponsible for flow control.
    This has been a bottleneck to the faster sample rates needed by the higher DSD speeds.
    The faster processor helps to with this, there should also be more processor cycles to handle DoP (DSD-over-PCM) processing.
    DoP is important as its is a standard most of the industry is able to agree to.
  12. rb2013 Contributor
    That would be good on the higher DSD DoP rates.

    Did you notice any other improvements with 208 vs the U-8? They seem to run on the same drivers.
  13. Yviena
  14. b0bb
    Not much, twice as fast , up to twice the memory, both have 8 processing cores.
    Base model is 128k memory vs 64k memory.
    Looks like XMOS is not revealing much at this time.
    Singxer has done a good job with their F1, squeezing most of Tanly like functionality (isolation, reclocking, femtoclocks) onto a small card.
  15. rb2013 Contributor
    Never heard the Tanly, but had a Hydra Z and the Yellowtec PUC2 lite, in addition to the Chinese DDC's. Boy none sound like this little card. Really on a different level.

    Makes me wonder all this discussion on CA that USB sucks, and will never be anygood, to many unfixable problems. The new way is optical ethernet LAN and a Render.

    I use my analog system as a reference, and I couldn't disagree more, not after this DDC rolling exercise, especially with the F-1 and the X-1. I had some very good cd transports as a ref as well. My APL DAC is actually a player and can play SACD's and DVD-A's, as well as CD's. So I can do on the fly comparisons of say a DSD SACD to the SPDIF input, in real time from the remote. Right now my Redbook WAV files crush the SACD of the same recording.

    For me the sound I'm hearing is the gold std. I wonder is there more to come? Even better USB? I find it very hard to believe, but logic says of course, I mean I've put effort into this, but haven't spent any ridiculous money. Not like the old analog days of $5k MC carts...I guess just keep pushing forward.
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