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xduoo X3-B High-end- DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jared basshead, Jun 13, 2013.
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  1. mrinspire
    Hey, you are welcome [​IMG]
  2. Berkovajazz
    Xduoo, please, give us sexy price!!!lol:):):)
  3. mrinspire
    haha,i want good sound and extremely nice UI. Want me to ask their boss for the estimated price? [​IMG]
  4. jared basshead
  5. taz23
    If the device can perform as an USB DAC or has coaxial/optical inputs (like the ridiculously-priced AK100/120 devices), that will be a real killer. Of course, it must sound good, something which xDuoo has proven itself in previous products.
  6. Berkovajazz
    Dual WM8740.
    Headphone amplifier uses opa627 + buf634u.

    If price will be good this DAP will be killer.

    I know this Wolfson, i know this amp in different products.

  7. taz23
    Hey MrInspire, do you happen to have any more updates on this exciting DAP?  Looking forward to more news on it.
  8. SkyBleu
    This seems interesting! :)

  9. AmberOzL
    Any news?
  10. RAFA
    Here and then, I look up on the xDuoo homepage.
    The only news is this: http://www.xduoo.com/xduoo/ProductShow.asp?id=58
    It is a portable w-lan amp. A very interesting concept.
  11. AmberOzL
    Is there a way to change their page into English?
  12. RAFA

     This is what google translates:
  13. AmberOzL
    So far, Google Translate is the only way, okay thank you mate.
  14. RAFA

    no prob.
    I am quite sure that I will buy this. It is a feeling, just like the first time I saw the Teclast T51 :) or the feeling when I find a very nice pair of shoes... the fact that I could stream from many different devices is very refreshing.
    BUT, just like the DAPs from xDuoo, who knows when they will be out.
  15. AmberOzL
    I am in no hurry so I patiently wait [​IMG]
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