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xduoo X3-B High-end- DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jared basshead, Jun 13, 2013.
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  1. RAFA

    Remember the X3 specs? I am not sure, if that is possible with just 100$.

    However, a dap with double wolfson is what I am waiting for : ) Just like the teclast T51
  2. Vartan
    xDuoo is also developing high-resolution portable player of 192kHz / 24bit support
  3. solopedro
    Very interesting knowing the x2 price/sq
  4. RAFA
    So an Xduoo X3 is coming at last :)
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    It looks like it came from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!
    I'm interested!
  6. golov17
    XDuoox3se x3se.jpg
    Power: 1500MAH 3.7V lithium polymer battery processor: the king is smart chip JZ4760B
    Operating System: LINUX
    DAC chip: CS4398
    Amplifier chip: one per channel rail-to-rail high-efficiency amplifier chip

    Card support: maximum support two 128G TF / Micro SD Card

    Output power: 250mW (32Ω load)
    Line out Output level: 1.5Vrms

    Support music format:
    DSD: DSD64
    APE: 24bit / 192khz
    FLAC: 24bit / 192khz
    WAV: 24bit / 192khz
    APPLE Lossless: 24bit / 192khz

    Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (± 0.5dB)
    Gain: + 6dB
    Distortion: 0.001% (1KHz)
    SNR: 110dB
    Adapter Headphone Impedance: 8Ω ~ 300Ω

    Life time:> 10H
    Charging time: <2H
    Volume: 105.5 * 45 * 14mm
    Weight: 100g
    Color: black, white
  7. mochill
    great specifications :blush:
  8. golov17
  9. mochill
    Hey :raising_hand: . any news about price,color :blush:
  10. golov17
    Colour black & white. Price about $100 :fearful: Killer budget DAPs :heart_eyes:
  11. mochill
    if priced at $100, it'll definitely be killer and maybe better then the fiio x5ii:laughing:
  12. leobigfield
    You mean X1, right?
  13. Baycode
    Good looking specs... Excited....
  14. mochill
    I mean x5ii:grin:
  15. RedTwilight
    Lol designer probably consulted the X3 button layout designer.
    Edit: Lol I meant Fiio X3. Just realised this is also X3..
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