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xduoo X3-B High-end- DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jared basshead, Jun 13, 2013.
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  1. RAFA

    No need to hurry :)
  2. taz23
    I'm still looking forward to hearing more news on the release.
  3. Berkovajazz
    Concept. Maybe never =(
  4. taz23
    Still no news? Sigh...
  5. RAFA
    Bad news: they took the X3 from their product page. This seems to another Teclast T59. High hopes destroyed.
  6. taz23
    Truly bad news... I had high hopes for this DAP.

    Perhaps the removal from the website is because xDuoo needs to rename the device due to Fiio's X3? I'm still delusional... haha.
  7. RAFA
    Haha, those delusions. I had them for years with the Teclast T59.
  8. mrinspire
    Good news :There will be 2 new products coming out from Xduoo maybe next month, desktop setup though.
    Sad News is, they are not able to make X3 in time, they are encountering some problems :frowning2:
  9. Mimouille
    I saw the X1 a Jaben in Shanghai, and I think it looks great. Did not try it though.
  10. RAFA

    When you talk about encountering problems, does that mean, they will not produce them at all or it will be late?
  11. mrinspire
    They will produce it, dont worry :)
  12. RAFA

    I will blindly believe you :)
  13. Tamirci
    Hopes are strong here too :) I hope this beats my Qls qa360. http://www.qlshifi.com/en/wzcapi/qa360.htm
    Dear mrinspire: do you have any insights regarding this?
  14. altrunox
    Well, with the hype over the X2 maybe they get interested in releasing it someday
  15. medoza476
    Have heard from my local dealer, Xduoo will release new DAP in 100$ range. Wonder it will be this X3?

    editted: next month lol.
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