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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. farisq
    I hope mine will arrive this week.
  2. DJScope
  3. Arvan
    Anyone tried it wit a 64gb+ SD card?
  4. Wokei

    Maybe H20Fidelity can help verify whether 64gb works or not ...?
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    64gb cards confirmed = working. 
    Btw: There's no scan time its almost instant start up, the player quickly says initializing for about 1-2 seconds and that's it straight to the now playing screen. I'm still really really enjoying this little unit, though patiently waiting for others thoughts.
    I also think we're going to get more than the rated 10 hour run times, because I've put over 5 hours on my unit so far with FLAC and I've only lost 1 of 4 battery bars. My unit hasn't missed a beat either its been completely smooth sailing.
  6. Wokei
    Me would have got this X2 in a heartbeat ...size built quality micro sd expansion ...the impression so far has been good ....too bad ..use up me retirement fund ...:mad:
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    You would be surprised, its amazing what can bring you happiness. While I've purchased both DX90 and XDuoo X2 recently, I cannot lie the little X2 has made me happier,. [​IMG]
    Haha, well its true but mainly because its so cheap and effective, what I'm saying is the bang for buck is there in this product and its very cute in appearance.
    Don't worry though, DX90 still performs very very well and its not fair to compare them. [​IMG] 
    Just recuprate from your DX90 purchase, X2 will be there for you later, good run around DAP.
  8. Wokei
    Me know ...headfi is a bottomless pit .....scary but fun ..muahahahahahaa:cool:
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Anyway, here's a photo next to Sansa Clip Zip while we wait for others to receive their X2.
    themad likes this.
  10. Wokei
    H20Fidelity.....mate ...you are pushing all the right button .....was thinking the same thing ...was about to ask you to post a pic of Clip+ with X2....

    Me hate you ...but me cant ....cheers.....gotta stay away from you ..hahahahaha :D
  11. moracajay
    64GB working and scanned it quickly. This made me purchased this little guy. I hope its a good combo with re600..
  12. Shawn71
    Those silver ring (buttons) and the nice screen that occupied half of the front is really SEXY.......::tongue_smile:
  13. iJay
    How is the volume increase/decrease? There is a lot of power there so hopefully the volume has fine control!
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Volume goes from 0/40, with a 32ohm hybrid I usually hang around 15-20 depending on the albums mastering. You can also go very low in volume for quiet listening. So nothing to worry about, everything's been accounted for. I really don't know how true the 250mW @ 32ohm rating is and would handle it loosely atm although It seems more powerful than an iPod Touch, Sansa Clip or Cowon player. 
  15. moracajay
    ,H20Fidelityis this better than Kogan's sound quality?
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