Would like to start afresh with a new IEM.
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Dec 13, 2008
Hello, haven't been on here for a year+ now. I have absolutely no idea on what's new nowadays.
I'm getting a tad bit bored of my Sennheiser IE8s now and would like to replace these with something that has a bit more detail in the midrange and treble. I also have a pair of Grado HF2's and would love something similar to them, but with a bit more bass. Would also like to have an IEM that has a good build quality, especially in the wires. 
Bands I listen to include The Smiths, Crystal Castles, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons. Will primarily use these with an iPhone 4/iPad (without an amp).
Budget: Max of £250. 
I was thinking the Westone 3's or UM3x but I'm not sure if these are now "outdated" and if there are any better alternatives. Thanks.
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Take a look at SM3 (Earsonics), also Ortofon e-Q7, or even  e-Q5 (newest model).
Weston 4 or Shure 535 are in the same league.
Final Audio Heaven SB are not well known but there are several reviews on Headfi.
Read the Thread made by James444, very helpful indeed.
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Would like to have a few more opinions. I'm still thinking about either the W3 or UM3x, but have absolutely no idea which I would prefer. Comparing my Grados HF2's and Sennheiser IE8s, I prefer the midrange and treble of the Grados. I prefer that clean sound for guitars and vocals. Which would be better then?
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Mumford & Sons sounds amazing on the Westone 4's.
Gonna download some Vampire Weekend and try them out.

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