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World Cup 2014

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  1. billybob_jcv
    Ann Coulter is a very well-known complete idiot. Everything that spews from her is utter garbage.
  2. leogodoy
    A quick reminder Gawker published last week: Ann Coulter is a troll. She is not interested in our counter arguments, she just wants to piss everyone off.
  3. OK-Guy
    there's a few that have made their mark in the English Premier League... Tim Howard is at legendry status at his club Everton.
  4. PalJoey

    Yeah, but I was talking about the MLS guys. Tim's a well-known Premier League figure. DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle?) must be catching the eye of European clubs, the way he's performed.

    I know Julian Green is in the reserve-grade team at Bayern Munich, so he will almost certainly develop as a player.
  5. OK-Guy
    football is our national game and it's tribal in England at Club level, I can't ever see it being tribal in the USA mainly because of distances & the franchise system.
    our football clubs have deep rooted local ties and cannot be uprooted by takeovers etc., in Germany they have more or less given control of Clubs to the fans (like Barcelona)... Sky-Sports has changed the game in England, we have seen a massive influx of overseas players that has severely restricted the advancement of our own youth team development squads, the effects are now being felt at a National level where average players fill most of the England team.... the last great England team was back in '98 since then we have become woeful which is worrying as I really cannot see any future England team making it out of the Group stages of any competition.
    btw it's FOOTBALL... not futbol or soccer... [​IMG] 
  6. PalJoey

    Update: I just Googled Yedlin's name, and Belgian club Anderlecht are the first to show interest.
  7. OK-Guy
    expect to see Yedlin in the Premier League, Jones & Johnson will have a shout as they showed great application, Beasley (love that guy, honest player like Yedlin) is probably too old which is a bit of a shame.
  8. OK-Guy
    footies back on today... [​IMG]
  9. PalJoey

    I don't know; I could see a decent standard club offering Beasley a short contract - 2 years, perhaps? He's had a few spells in English, Scottish, Dutch and German Football in the past, so clubs know what sort of player he is, and he's just proved he's still got something to give.
  10. rodweb
    "Preparation for the next game"
    Defibrillator needed.
  11. OK-Guy
    Beasley is a bit of an enigma at club level, there again he was played more in midfield in England (if memory serves me right), not his best position and probably suffered because of it.
  12. OK-Guy
    watched some of her interviews, ohh my... you guys certainly know how to breed nut-jobs, best I don't get into evolution of football with that thing woman... [​IMG]
  13. billybob_jcv

    We don't put nut-jobs in asylums, we give them their own TV & radio shows...

    rush-pubshot.jpg politifact2Fphotos2Fsharpton.jpg

    The list goes on & on...

    I'm not sure I understand the idea of teams being "tribal in England" - what do you mean? Aren't players still traded between teams? While it's true that in the US pro sports teams can move between cities - it is always a big deal when it happens to one of the old, established teams. There's still growth and expansion that happens in US pro sports, and that leads to teams moving to what the owners see as "better markets". It's part of the corporate nature of US pro teams. The majority of the owners have no real ties to the cities where the team plays. They may love the sport and the team, but ultimately they typically just see the city where they play as a source of revenue.
  14. OK-Guy
    the German panzers advance into the semi's... vorsprung durch technik... [​IMG]
  15. oqvist
    Vorsprung through experience. Really showed how to defend a lead.  
    OK-Guy likes this.
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