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World Cup 2014

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  1. rodweb
    And Neymar got a lumbar fracture... :frowning2:
  2. jackskelly
    Wow, that's unfortunate, he did look like he was in a lot of pain. Brazil is going to have to play a lot better against Germany than they did today if they are to go to the Final.
  3. xkonfuzed
    This World Cup is going exactly like I predicted. Here are my predictions for the Final.

    Brazil x Germany.

    Will most likely end up as a tie, both teams score in the additional 30 minute time. Goes to penalties, Brazil wins 4-2 :D
  4. oqvist
    There is nothing to brag about when the favourites go all the way through :wink:. But anyway we can´t have a world cup where the favourites win every single time. I sense Costa Rica will beat Holland. 
    A shame about Neymar but we have David Luiz who can make the rushes and score the goals. Amazing technique boxing his way to the penalty area. And then all the way back shout at the guy he did combat with and then almost pass out looking for air.
    And then for the first time in the world cup a player that  actually hit the goal on a free kick. This ball seem to be just as bad for the strikers as it´s for the goalie. That ball changed directions like 4 times lol.
  5. audionewbi
    Heart breaking loss for Colombia but on the other hand Brazil just realised what they are capable of. Neymar loss in my view is not a significant loss, he missed so many chances in this cup, and the few he made up was not that impossible goals. 
    I remember the first world cup I sat down and watched was the one where Escobar scored a self goal and tragic story after that. Followed it during the 90s, returned again to watch it in 2010 and to tell you the truth, I dont see it as dominated as it was before. Now it looks like all the teams are almost equal as they are scoring just winning by 1-2 goals instead of going into penalty shoot out (which puts you on the edge)
    I thought Germany would pound US by winning 5-1 or something of that sort, instead they won by just 1 goal.
    I feel the final will be Brazil vs Argentina
  7. alv4426
    ^^^I agree most parity Ive ever seen in a world cup. Go Costa Rica, make C.A. even more proud (even though I think it ends tomorrow).
  8. Sko0byDoo
    Brasil w/o NeyMar is done....
    Germany + Netherlands Final = Netherlands > champs
    audionewbi likes this.
  9. oqvist
    Oh I missed this documentary about robben as a one year old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoMdwLelmRY
  10. wrathzombie
  11. SunTanScanMan
    Re: Neymar's knee to the back. It's a shame that this tournament has to end for him that way. But I think Brazil will miss Silva more. 
  12. OK-Guy
    woeful display by Belgium until last 10mins.... what can you say about Messi, he gets kicked to bits, never dives or makes a big thing out of it, he's so old-school.
  13. oqvist
    I mostly saw Messi kicking down a lot of guys lol.
    Belgium did okay Argentina just made a brilliant job disrupting the game. Not fun not entertaining but good defence by Argentina. A number to big.
  14. leogodoy
    As we get closer to my dream final (Brazil vs Argentina), in a way I realize it is almost an impossible dream, I still don't see Argentina as capable of beating the Dutch, and without Neymar Brazil will have a hard time against Germany.
  15. OK-Guy
    sad news about Neymar but Brazil would struggle against the Germans with or without him imho.
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