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WOO WA22 with LCD-2, Grado1000i, HD800, GradoRS1i

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shahzada123, Mar 11, 2011.
  1. SHAHZADA123
    hi all
    am very new to the wonderful world of headphones.
    have managed to get these; LCD-2, Grado1000i, HD800, GradoRS1i headphones and am waiting for the WA22 to set up my rig.
    could someone give some impressions of this amp with the 4 headphones.
    will be using stock tubes to begin with.
  2. SHAHZADA123
  3. SDMAN
    Im in the same boat as you are. My WA22 is 'under construction' as well. But likely less than 2 weeks out. I have the LCD-2's ordered and have a set of Beyerdynamic T1's out for a balanced re-cable by Robert at au29. And Im collecting tubes to do some upgrading. But like you, I intend to start with the stockers. My first real experience with tube audio.
  4. davo50


    I am sitting here listening to my 2 day old WA22 with an LCD-2 and mostly stock tubes.  Very, very nice.  Haven't spent much time with my HD800 on this amp yet. I am thinking the 7236 tubes will be better for the LCD-2 though.  Should have those next week.  Good luck!
  5. vinyllp33

    Welcome to Head-Fi and congrats on your WA22, check out the Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite thread, 584 pages and growing by the day! 
    All I can say is that you have a very nice selection of headphones to enjoy with your new amp; I think you will find it to be quite magical sounding with everyone of them.
    To help put things in perspective can I ask if you are currently using a headphone amp and also what source will you be running? 
    In any event I think you will be in for a shock, try to get all the sleep you can now because once you get things set up your listening sessions will go long into the night...seriously.
    The Woo is such a great sounding piece and will perform very well with the stock tubes, however is does respond favorably to upgrades. In fact you can ultimately tailor the sound to your preference by changing various sets of tubes. 
    I find all Grados to be an excellent match with any of the Woo amps, the HD800 should take on a bit more organic/textural quality if you have only heard it on solid state. 
    As far as the LCD-2 it is a bit more power hungry but as davo50 mentioned you can greatly increase the wattage by changing the output tubes if need be, this aspect will probably be more dependent on the voltage output of your DAC or CD Player. I find that planars and tubes are a match made in heaven and the LCD-2/WA22 is no exception. 
    Also if you have not owned a Woo amp previously I have to tell you that Jack Wu is one of the most stand-up guys in this industry when it comes to customer service. In addition the fit and finish, transformer/overall build quality is some of the best available, price no object. 
    Keep us posted! 
  6. SHAHZADA123
    thanks for the reply.
    At the moment am using the cambridge 840 cd player as source and grado ra1 amp 
    I dont quite like changing cds , also the clutter is annoying.
    The Olive 06HD music server seems to solve that problem, and am going to get it hopefully by next week.
    So its gonna be
    Olive>balance>wa22>balancedGS1000i/balanced HD800/LCD-2 (ALO terminated to FURUTECH 1/4 pin)
    the fun is always in the waiting..... 
  7. jc9394
    Like vinyllp33 said, LCD-2 and WA22 sound magical and you will want to get a 7236 or 5998 power tubes to get the extra voltage needed to drive the LCD-2. On HD800, I really like lower gain 6080 power tubes.

    Have not heard the Olive 06HD but I'm extremely happy with PWD/Bridge combo with QNAP NAS.

    My setup is QNAP>PWD with Bridge>WA22>balanced HD800/LCD-2 and SE D7000.
  8. SHAHZADA123


    where can I get these tubes from.
    Also WHAT IS  QNAP NAS PWD/Bridge  [​IMG]
    my portable rig is ipod 80gb lossless>ALO LOD>ALO Rx MK2>Klipsch X10i
    am planning on adding the alogorythm solo dac 
  9. SHAHZADA123

    thanks vinyllp33 
    wow.. a woo audio amp owner unite thread
    i was more of a stereo speaker guy and though i do have a reference  setup (Anthony Ref3.1s Denson Beat amps).
    The SQ of headphones is at the same level and the cost is a lot less.
    I already have an affinity towards the warm grado sound...

  10. jc9394

    QNAP NAS is network attached storage with media server build in.

    PWD is a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC, Bridge is attached to PWD to allow NAS feed flac or mp3 directly to DAC.

  11. SDMAN


    This is my first venture into a dedicated headphone setup. And I've never owned a single piece of tube gear in all my 59 years. So I really know absolutely nothing about my new 'hobby'. But I did know of Woo Audio's reputation for quality and customer service. So when it came time to order the headphone amp, ordering one from Woo was an easy thing to do.
    Hey.....that rhymes! I think theres a rap song there.


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