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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. Shini44
    i will wait for 3 days, and might cancel in 2 days, i am sick of this site, i paid for fast fedex shipping (80$) , so i dont want to go and wait again etc

    Kevin is out of the town this week, thats why its a bad case here.

    so what is about tubeworld site again? fedex delivery , fast? 
  2. Jeb Listens
    Sorry Shini never used them before.  
    Wow $80 shipping for a small package.  I understand your frustration - for that i'd want it out the door that same day.  
    I hope it works out for you.  
  3. Shini44
    i could easily use aramex which will take 1 week from the package arrival USA to USA, for the package to be in my hand

    but since upscale us ULTRA slow, + all the crying you have to do to get them to answer you once, it could take 2-3 weeks to see the tubes for me...

    so yes 80$ = 3 days till the tubes are in my WA7tp , thanks to Fedex priority, i rather pay and not wait and struggle. 

    so far i spammed upscale, telling them to accept the payment, i even said take your time with the tubes, just accept the payment!!!  4 days of 7 days passed , else they cant claim the money = cancellation from their side, then i get my money after 30 days.... 

    anyway people sorry for sharing the bad news and frustration here, i dont want you guys to have a bad day because of my bad posts :< 

    Seriously , i dont recommend, using upscale again ,  I REALLY HATE THEM NOW, worst Customer Service of all the times, the worst part Kevin Promised he will tell them to accept the payment, but nop, just nothing since ages
    i wish Kevin have an account here, so he understand what the customers of his are going through.

    once again sorry people , just very mad here.... 
  4. groovyd
    They are extremely over priced and slow but they do sell a good product and of the best quality.  Just one of those things in these sort of small market communities.
  5. Shini44
  6. Jeb Listens

    Hi Shini, mine were just rebranded with a different label. Any of those pairs would be fine. I don't know of any differences between 60s and 70s versions but usually older the better. I think RCAs from 50s are most sought after so of those you sent I would go 60s.

    They are very expensive though.
  7. Shini44
    Thanks for the info :D
  8. Shini44
    and now they canceled my order,  and it will take 30 days, till i get my $$$ bank  .... :< 

    will time to visit tubes world .....
  9. Shini44
    btw people again sorry about my attitude today, been a bad four days and waiting, then BAM the cancellation, and i got to pay nearly 200$ again just to get a pair of tubes.... 
  10. abvolt
    upscale has really great tubes one just pays a premium for them, take a look here also -->  http://www.langrex.co.uk/
  11. Shini44
    They don't have RCA 12au7a clear top :<  
  12. Shini44
    WoW my order from Tubes World is shipped already!!! i ordered like in less than 12 hours!! 

    now thats what i call a service!!!!!!   SEE!!! SEE!!!!! took less than 12 hours to process, HQ, 0 Headache, and no money lost for 30 days nor cancellation!!

    ViVa La Tubes World!! :D
  13. Dogmatrix

    That is how it should work
    Now I think you need some 5814a's to round out the collection
    Hytron , RCA or Sylvania would do
  14. Shini44
    5184? collection wise, i only got the Mullard cv4003, and RCA clear top on the way,  the 1st for mids and all rounder, the 2nd to go coco and have pure forward sound sig + fun,  but what would the 3rd set offer?  

    gieef more info :p  maybe i will like it and order more for fun ^^  and maybe i will like it a lot as well O-o'' but ofc i got to read about it etc :D
  15. Dogmatrix

    5814a has different output spec to 12au7
    Sylvania Jan 5814a was one of the first "upgrade " recommended in this thread discussion centred around improved bass response
    Lately the CBS Hytron and vintage RCA 5814's have been discussed for greater soundstage and separation
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