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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. abvolt
    I've not changed back to my mullards yet these are really sounding nice, I've been using the wa7 with the gain selector set to low I switched it to high last night and they seemed to jump to life a big difference, overall SQ is much improved, very deep bass I love it and yes these were the best tube bargain I've gotten so far 6.40 ea.Lol..
  2. groovyd
    where do i get a few pair?
  3. abvolt
    dumb luck off ebay that's how I got them..
  4. Shini44
    hey guys what are a better option than normal RCA OCC cables? mine is like from amazon uk for 10 GBP, but i want a better option to connect from the DAC to WA7

    there is better copper cables, and since the stock is copper i think i will be getting higher quality copper right?  so either way i wont be losing Treble right?

    for the silver i will be losing some bass impact so i rather avoid that.

    so better copper RCA cable should do it for me? or?

    i want one from 50$ to 100$

    any tip guys? :D   both USA and UK options are fine. 
  5. Jeb Listens

    My approach so far has been to get simple, well made cables, hand-made, with great quality connectors that slot reassuringly into place.
    I've switched to using all Mark Grant cables in all my audio gear.   http://markgrantcables.co.uk/shop/
    I'm using his standard Canare LV61S cables - £25 a pair (1m), which consists of pure copper coax cable and nice robust Canare connectors.  I replaced some colourful and more expensive interconnects with the Mark Grants because the others seemed to pick up interference behind my stereo rack.  I don't know why.  The new cables don't do that, sound just as good and are a third of the price.  Since the Canare RCA plugs are about £5 each (and you need 4) if you were to make the cables yourself, it seemed like good value to me for a professional finish.  They've worked nicely between my DAC and WA7 when i have them hooked up that way & I always found Mark is a really nice guy to deal with if you have any questions.
    He also makes some more expensive cables - the G1000HD - £55 pair (1m) but I can't comment on those. 
  6. Shini44
    guess i will go with the G1000HD,  so you think coming from normal 5 GBP cables , i will notice the difference? 

    also these will need to have burn in time as well right?  ofc it will take time since i use the WA7 for like 4-5 hours a day :p 

    btw is there waiting time on these? or they have a stock?
  7. Jeb Listens

    oh man - impossible question to answer.  I stopped using the very cheap cables because I always found the connections were a bit loose round the back, they could be noisy and eventually something would break.  Though I'm sure there are good budget options out there.
    As for the ones I use now: I don't notice they have a "sound".  The best I can say for them is they are totally clean and transparent and noise-free and they seem just as good as the more expensive alternatives I have tried.  When I decided to spend a lot of money on audio equipment and then on the WA7 and TP I just wasn't comfortable using the very cheap interconnects anymore when I know the internal construction of the equipment will be excellent, robust and made to last.  It's also a plus for me to be able to support a small UK based business. 
    I'm sure the other guys will have some great suggestions too if you wanted to wait and hear other options and different experiences.  If you go with my suggestion then the cables are made-to-order and I've usually received them within a week of placing the order.  He lets you know when the order is received, when production begins and when it ships. 
  8. abvolt
    I agree using a moderately priced cable is best I've never had good luck with really low cost cables..
  9. desertblues

    Hi Jeb - I found a beautiful pair of the Hytrons (mid 1950's w/elongated bent getters natch) and installed them in the WA7 immediately. Talk about lightning in a bottle, they are indeed superb - my new favorites! I can't believe how much they improve the T1 in soundstage and isolation of instruments. I prefer them over the Mullards, and I do love my Mullards! The CBS - Hytrons also burn with a glow like no other 12au7, gorgeous tubes.
  10. Jeb Listens

    Hi there desertblues,
    That's brilliant - really happy to hear they worked out for you.  You know I think the mid 50s could be the ones.  Funnily enough I rolled mine back in a couple of days ago.  I had it in my mind to save them for special occasions but I decided life's too short.  
    I'm not familiar with the T1 but I know what you mean about the soundstage and instrument separation via the CBS-Hytrons - they are an extraordinarily realistic and holographic sounding tube with great rhythm and that extra bit of magic that only a fine NOS tube has.  It's nice to have something at a similar quality level as the Mullards but offering a different sound.  
    You're right They are pretty! I've been taking the glass off during listening recently.  
  11. desertblues
    By now I have tried the Hytrons with the following: Grado RS1i + PS500, T1 and the Fostex TH900. Everyone of my favorite cans have benefited greatly with these tubes - the TH 900's most of all. Until now I was thinking they were better with solid state amps. I am happy to say that is no longer true! :wink:
  12. Shini44
    Bought my 2nd Tubes set, RCA clear top, hope upscale ships it soon :D

    ofc the 1st were the Mullard cv4003 tubes, but i wanted my 2nd set to offer the opposite of Mullard, which is the fun part , by fun i mean forward, bright, punchy and toe taping.

    my setup is neutral, and my CIEM is neutral as well, it does have a very extended treble and a really punchy bass, but not bright sound sig, will see how this CIEM sound with this tube.

    oh guys sorry about delaying about the Hugo Dac vs WA7 DAC, i will post about that once i am done testing with the RCA top clear, cause i need at last two tube sets so i post a small comparison
  13. abvolt
    cool great tubes, you can always get those tube off tube world of even ebay for a lot less $$..
  14. Shini44
    Upscale is so bad, now my 2nd order, i payed on the 28th, and told them they have 7 days till they accept the payment else they wont be able to take the money, ( 7 days rules of UAE's bank money pending)

    basically i wanted them to accept the payment, Kevin told me since 3-4 days that he will tell them to do so, but nop, 1 simple task... they cant do it... i've sent 4-5 emails to 3 different address, for god sake, i can't bring myself to call them a company anymore, they make you big like a homeless dude looking for a free sandwich.... 
  15. Jeb Listens

    Shini - Can you cancel the order and pick up a pair from elsewhere as abvolt suggests?  
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