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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. Shini44
    so these work with the wa7tp as well ha?

    i went for the RCA clear top cause it has the fastest punchy bass, forward sound sig etc,  how would you compare the other sets with it?   i had to pass on the Philips cause the bass wasn't as fast and forward as RCA clear top, though the Philips is more popular and better all rounder,  i might buy it to test it one day, who knows maybe i will love it a lot.  
  2. Dogmatrix

    The cleartops are a great choice and wait till you get them in they look spectacular
    The Mullard is probably the best all round tube you can buy for the Tp so great choice again
    5814a offer a more powerful full bodied sound certainly worth the investment
    Sylvania Jan are quite cheap and easy to find , RCA a little more difficult (look for 50's examples white print and triple mica)
    CBS Hytron are most rare and pricey don't confuse it with the CBS 12au7 which is a different more common tube
  3. groovyd
    Personally I am just waiting for someone to send me a link to the best pair of these Hytrons they can find so I can just pull the trigger...  I hate to have to think too hard first and I am not at all familiar with the good from the bad and all the years and variations inbetween.  Someone, please save me [​IMG]
  4. abvolt
    here's a link for you even has clear tops really some nice choices on 5814A's -->http://tubeworldexpress.com/search?page=1&q=5814a
  5. groovyd
    I've already got clear tops and JANs, was hoping to pick up some of those Hytrons
  6. Dogmatrix

    My own Hytron hunt has to date been fruitless , the pairs I have come across have been too high in price and low in quality
  7. Shini44
    Jeblisten should buy some pairs as well >=)  so he update the reviews with some 5814a [​IMG]
  8. Jeb Listens

    lol - there are always more tubes to buy!!  You'll have fun with the clear tops :)
    I've got impressions up for the JAN 5814as and the CBS-Hytrons 5814.  Both excellent.  JAN are some of the best value to performance around.   CBS-Hytron are an improvement in every department.    
    Anyone who is looking for the CBS-Hytrons have you tried vacuumtubes.net -  it's not exactly a "real-time" stock-list but they are showing CBS-Hytron 5814s for $20 a go.   I've never bought from them but seen others mention them.
    If they have them in stock, probably worth finding out what type they are:  it seems like there is variation in the sound/construction through the years but mostly I think the important bit is that they have the upward angled/bent getter (pictured below) as I think there might have been a later version - some of the final production - with a regular flat getter that isn't held in such high esteem.  I think those ones might have come with blue labelling on the tube too.   Never tried them: might be still a great tube relatively speaking.
    CBS bought Hytron Labs, I think around 1950 or earlier : so some of the tubes were labelled CBS-Hytron and some just Hytron but that shouldn't matter too much as long as they have the bent getter. 
    top are the '56 red label CBS-Hytron, bottom are the '53 white label Hytron.  Mostly I see people showing a preference for the latter, but I'm preferring the '56 red label. 
    best of luck!
  9. groovyd
    thanks for link, just ordered 8, 2 sets for each of my 2 amps just incase :wink:
  10. Jeb Listens
    Far out - Hope you like them! Price per tube seems excellent - I paid more than twice that for mine a few months ago.
  11. Shini44
    Listening to the RCA Clear top right now, god i am so happy, i love my sound this way!!!! so much fun <3  forward, fast, punchy, clean and HQ. 
    ofc this is just the 1st hour yet i don't know how will the sound change later. 
  12. Jeb Listens

    Congrats Shini : sounds like true love!  Really nice to find a tube you click with. 
    Happy listening   [​IMG] 
  13. Shini44
    if there is a tube that does the exact same and count as an upgrade to this tube, then i need to buy it >=)   
  14. abvolt
    I got a pair of 1950 RCA 3 mica blackplates that sound really good plus they can be had for a good price with some looking..
  15. Shini44
    so they sound thee same as thee RCA clear top? but higher quality or better dynamics? or different? 
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