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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. fudgebucket27
    I've got some Mullards CV4003s and HD800s coming in. Wonder how they will sound compared to my current JANs and HD700 :)
  2. groovyd
    can't speak for the change in HDs but going from JANs to the Mullards should take a bit of punch from the bass and extend the highs.  In my opinion it is all around flatter response but still very engaging all around, just not as 'beats'y.
  3. abvolt
     The mullards are my favorites you should notice a big difference they're warm deep bass is almost addictive..
  4. Shini44
    Hey guys i am selling my WA7 + WA7tp for 1250$, you get Free Express DHL Shipping, + Mullard cv4300 that i bought from Upscale

    for extra 100$ i can throw my beloved RCA Clear Top, 

    don't get me wrong this is the best tube amp out there, its just i am a CIEM user :<  CIEMs don't do 100% (depend on the CIEM) on tube amps ,
    next year after i move out, i might buy TH900 and HD800 then i can buy the WA7tp again. 

    for now i will try to find the best portable amp for my CIEM.

    didn't want to sell but again i am a collage student :[ 

    1250$ + free express DHL shipping (int as well) and Mullard, is a quite good deal , hope the new owner will enjoy these ^^ 
  5. fudgebucket27
    The mullards have come in and I think they are an upgrade from the JANS for sure. Little less bass impact but I feel like there is more of a presence along with control and tightness. Everything overall is really balanced which is awesome. Perfect fit for my new HD800s :D
  6. Shini44
    decided to keep the WA7tp!! man its the best tube amp lol, never letting it go :p will get a U shaped sound sig CIEM, or a TH900 with Silver Widow Cable mod :D 

    WA7 + WA7tp  
  7. abvolt
    Nice glad your enjoying the mullards there my favorites, even in my wa22 I prefer mullards their sound seems overall the best for me..
  8. HiFiGuy528
  9. bflat
    Hey Mike,
    Thanks to you and Jack for getting me setup with the WA7+TP today at the SF Meet! I was ready to give up hope on my T5P and this is a great match along with my Gungnir DAC. Just ordered some EH gold pins from your website and have some Sylvania JANs on the way. No more hours of EQ tweaking for me!
    Got home at around 5PM and needed an hour or so to rearrange all my components and it's 1AM and I'm still listening to the new setup! BTW I'm seeing around 46 deg C on the base of the TP with my laser thermometer. I assume that's normal? DAC side is about 43.
  10. groovyd
    yep, normal
  11. bflat

    Thanks! It was a long read through these 58 pages. Getting a pair of Mullards as well to try out.
  12. abvolt
    I think you'll be glad you did there sound is unmatched as far as I'm concerned..
  13. cesupro
    groovy, did you receive those cbs tubes yet? That site Jeb linked is crazy cheap, wondering how the quality control is? Do they match a pair for you?

    I have cleartops right now, and looking for something to mellow out my sound a bit (with ps500e's). The mullards would be the obvious choice, but they're a little more than I'd like to spend right now on tubes.
  14. groovyd
    I never did, they sent a followup email out of stock. I was bummed.
  15. Jeb Listens
    ugh that's a shame - hopefully a new batch will come on the scene at some point.
    @cesupro  - as you say, for softening the edges on your grados and keeping things warm, the Mullard CV4003 would probably be ideal.  But if they are currently out of your price-range (and you want something to keep you going until you can afford them) I think the Sylvania JAN 5814a (~$25 pair) would still be a fair bit less aggressive and forward sounding when compared to the clear tops you are using.  
    JANs are great for the money - although not as smooth or as accomplished all around as the Mullards, they have some common ground with the excellent CBS-Hytrons in terms of tonality.  
    Also the Philips ECC82s (~$100 pair) that were made in Holland - some varying accounts of these but I find them to be a very warm tube.  These are what I've been using for the last few weeks.
    I guess the danger is that over time you could end up trying a bunch of the different cheaper tubes for the same money as getting a pair of Mullards!  Having said that - if you're like me - that's half the fun of this crazy sport. :)  
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