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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. frankrondaniel
    They're definitely my favorite as well.  Glad that you're enjoying them!
  2. abvolt
    cool glad to hear you like, there my favorites also..
  3. mikroski
    It seem that I should buy Mullard from @abvolt's link.
    I want to get my EL-8 first before buy the fourth pair of tube. But also want to try it now. Too bad that my EL-8 is likely to be shipped to Asia in next month. wait and wait [​IMG]
  4. abvolt
    I agree on putting off buying more tubes for now only because I'm interested in your thoughts on the EL-8's, they should be really fun cans..
  5. Shini44
    i like the EH tubes more on my WA7, so if i want more Dynamic with the Treble and Bass then which Tube for the WA7tp should i go for? 

    and thanks for the info ^^ 
  6. Dogmatrix

    I think the Mullard CV4003 / M8136  "box plate" tube would fit the bill
    I have rolled more than half a dozen varieties over the last few months and while some give better performance in particular points of the spectrum the Mullard is king
  7. abvolt
    Agree the CV4003 is my favorite also but the cost on the mullards are getting way too high, other variants like the RCA 5814A black plates are awesome sounding, I don't really like the clear tops much. 
  8. Dogmatrix

    I would personally recommend new owners start with a small selection of tubes perhaps those talked about here or maybe just buy something at random and see how it goes
    Experience is important particularly if the owner is looking to tune the sound in a specific direction
    Cheap tubes that turn out to sound the way you like always give the greatest satisfaction
    In my own experience I really like the bass delivery of the 6680 but the detail with the Ten 12au7 is also excellent
    Enter the Mullard the bass is not as good as the 6680 and the detail not a match for the Ten but across the spectrum the Mullard is superior more of a complete package
    Value is hard to quantify the 6680 cost $5 each and the Ten $20 each and many great tubes including the RCA 5814 can be found for under $20
    However I think for those not really interested in tube rolling who just want the WA7 at its best the Mullard is close to "end game" and worth the price
    Now we just need someone to try some Telefunken ECC802S , hang on to your wallet [​IMG]
  9. abvolt
    I agree, well said Dogmatrix lower cost tubes often do produce great sound also, and it's sure fun finding out which ones works best..
  10. abvolt
    Thinking of trying a matched pair of JJ Tesla 12AU7/ECC82's tubes off ebay anyone try them, really good price..
  11. fudgebucket27
    Getting bored with my Slyvania JANS. Suggestions? 
  12. Dogmatrix

    If cash is no problem go for Mullard CV4003/M8136 box plate or best budget tube I have found 6680 preferably GE Mobile Radio
  13. abvolt
    I agree the mullards are worth a try if you haven't already.  Also I really like the RCA 12AU7 black plates. I've found the mullards on ebay for about half the cost others sell them for, just a thought for you.. 
  14. fudgebucket27
    Dang they have quite the price don't they! 
  15. Jeb Listens
    Fudgebucket, I think you have received some great advice here from the seasoned Wa7 tube-rollers.   I would like to re-emphasise what Dogmatrix has rightly said about how important it is to think about what direction you would like to take the sound as well as what will offer the best synergy with your headphones and your DAC.
    I'm still working on quite a long WA7 Dac shoot-out comparison as well as a  tube-rolling comparison for the WA7tp.  How well a tube performs is so dependent on your own tastes as well as the sound signature of the rest of your equipment.  
    I'm clearly in the minority here and It's early days but so far the Mullard CV4003s would definitely not be at the top of the list for my ears.  At the $40 each I paid for mine via Ebay I think they are are a good proposition but then again only IF the sound signature is to your tastes.  Via other online retailers they are going for near $100 dollars each and at that price I'm not onboard the Mullard-train yet.   I need to do further listening and comparisons. 
    Anyone else not quite digging the CV4003s? 
    All the best,
    EDIT:  the mullards are growing on me.  They needed a bit of time.  Looks like I might be on that mullard-train after all. 
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