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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. groovyd
    this is what is printed on the tubes i got from upscale.  they don't flash at all on startup but the ebay ones do and i think it is a heater flash as it is a slower pulse not arcing.
  2. abvolt
    interesting how does the SQ compare with the tubes from upscale, would you say there the same tube and not some  inferior copy or knockoff, I've seen those tubes on ebay way less $  they sure do look like the real thing..
  3. groovyd

    the upscale tubes are much smoother and balanced sounding from top to bottom with greater extension. the ebay tubes are a bit peaky if that makes sense, maybe a bit like the JANs but not so much.
  4. abvolt
    Sorry to hear that I guess that explains the very big difference in cost, almost sounds like their not real mullards I'll stop referring that seller to people. Thanks for your input.. 
  5. money4me247 Contributor
    can't there be great variation in sound between tubes from different years though? I wouldn't go far as to call the more inexpensive tube a fake unless there is physical evidence of it being a clone or not matching up with serial number or whatever.
  6. happypill
    To be clear, are these the Mullard tubes believed to be lower quality/knock offs?
  7. Jeb Listens

    cool - sounds okay then.  What are printed on your Ebay ones? 
  8. Jeb Listens
    At least from the picture, those ones above look like the genuine 70s-80s CV4003 Box Anode, mentioned by Dogmatrix, Halo Getter, in original boxes with cigar rolls. Those ones have a proper factory code etched into the glass that seems to check out.   In the picture it is shown as R4E2.    
    I think I have this right:
    R = Factory code -  R is for Mitcham Factory, England, made by Mullard
    4 = year code - 1984
    E = month code - May
    2 - week code - manufactured in the 2nd week of May
    In my limited knowledge, looks okay to me assuming what you see is what you get and they are not fakes with genuine factory codes which would be sly to say the least.  I've never seen a cv4003 reissue but I don't think the modern "official|" Russian mullard 12au7 re-issues even pretend to be genuine with codes etc and they seem to come in new blue Mullard branded boxes. So I think you are fine with the ones you linked but that doesn't mean the upscale ones aren't perhaps older and sound different.  
    If Groovyd can tell us what the factory code is on the two ones he has, we could nail down where/when the better sounding ones come from.  The factory code is near the bottom of the tube.  There should be two lines - the top one is the part-code and the bottom one is the date code as far as I understand.  
    As Money4Me says, there is bound to be variation across different years/factories, so it would be cool to fine-tune our mullard habits! 
    and finally, damn the auto-correct keeping changing Mullard to "Mallard".  I don't want a Mallard in my WA7. 
  9. Shini44
  10. Shini44
  11. Oskari
    Stop fussing. Those are the same tube (with slightly different dates).
    Jeb Listens likes this.
  12. Shini44
  13. Oskari
  14. cspirou
    I'd be interested to know how this sounds like compared to the Bottlehead Mainline. Both are 6c45pi amps with 12au7 tubes for the power supply. The Bottlehead amp uses a single tube for both channels while the Woo power supply has a tube for each channel. They are both pretty close in price so I think it would be an interesting comparison.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they sound really similar and people base their decision on factors outside of sound quality when deciding between the two amps.
  15. Shini44
    "I have the Mullards both as purchased off ebay for a decent price and from upscale"
    how doesn't that specifys the Mullards / Ebay / upscale?   :/ 

    tbh this post flipped my mind all over, i am really thankful for any kind of info that will tell me that my tubes which is on the way does sound find :/  or the same as the one from upscale. 

    i mean they do look exactly the same :/  or doesn't they? 
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