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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. malla1ml
    Thanks.  New to this whole tube thing but after just a little digging around, I've found that it's a hobby all of it's own.  I went from having no tubes to 8 sets in a little over 2 months. Have you or anyone else for that matter, tried the Western Electric 417A's in the WA7?  
  2. Dogmatrix
    Never used the WE417a not certain it is a direct drop in sub as far as I know we are stuck with the 6C45 in the WA7

    From diy-audio-guide.com
    417A or 5842 – wideband applications and especially for grounded-grid operation, 4.5W maximum plate dissipation, 200Vdc maximum plate voltage, u of 43. It is like half of 6C45 but is still nice, and many brands available, namely the Western Electric, Amperex, Raytheon, RCA and etc. It is still commonly available but quantity are depleting fast.
  3. abvolt
    I bet that'll be fun to hear,  if you would to give us your impressions and maybe even a link or two "hint hint"..
  4. abvolt
    Hello malla1ml in all my searching for tubes I've never come across the 417A as a tube that would even work in the WA7/tp I would do your homework before using any tube in your amp. It might  damage the amp I don't know for sure someone with more experience could give us an answer..
  5. malla1ml
    I haven't purchased any but one late night of research (mind you late night) I thought I read it was an option although costly.  I'll for sure be doing my research before dropping anything into my beloved WA7.  But I do love that people keep trying different tubes and posting them here.  At the very least, I enjoy the hunt and trying something new, better yet if it's uncommon.  
  6. abvolt
    I just noticed on ebay a WE417 tube converter adapter for the 6C45 tubes looks like you can use that tube.
  7. malla1ml
    Ok, so I went back and tried to retrace my steps in regards to the WE417A, it was infact an error on my part due to the late night.  It is instead the WE437 but it's supposedly rare.  
  8. abvolt
    I'm stoked I've never won a bid on ebay until tonight I got a matched pair of vintage  RCA 5814A black plates for 16. great deal. I'll be sure to post my thoughts when I receive them..
  9. abvolt
    Just received my vintage RCA 5814A tubes they sound really good not as good as my mullards but close and very much worth there price of 16.00 a pair, I think there a lot better then the stock woo tubes. I've also ordered some NOS 12AU7 Sylvania's should be fun.. 
  10. mikroski

    I think that NOS 12AU7 Sylvania is a little bit too bright for my W5000. But you have LCD-2, I think it will be interesting to know how it sound with Sylvania. Please give any comment when you get it
    my EL-8 will come this month. I will try EL-8 with Sylvania and GE first, then will look for some more tube may be either RCA Clear top or Mullard.
  11. abvolt
    I'd also like to know your thoughts on the EL-8's sounds like a great pairing with the WA7, There's a guy on ebay that sells the mullards for 100. a matched pair if you don't find it let me know I have the link..
  12. mikroski

    Dear @abvolt
    Please give me link on ebay. I want to buy some tube from upscaleaudio, but shipping cost is $50. That's too much.
    Thank you [​IMG]
  13. abvolt
    Yeah upscaleaudio is very high priced as you know there vintage mullards are like 95.00 each and this guys are the same tubes for way less --> http://www.ebay.com/itm/130295387885?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
    These are the same tubes for 100. a pair take a look enjoy..
  14. mikoss
    Thanks for the link. Have you had a chance to compare the long plates to the shorts? Just wondering... I have only heard short plates and the mids sounded very, very liquid and satisfying. Guitar was exceptional... I can only imagine how it might sound on the longs.
  15. abvolt
    Thanks for asking I have not yet but I will say I'm very surprised just how well these RCA 5814A's sound they are really close to the mullards at a fraction of the cost, wow I see now why some guys say one does not need to spend lots of money on tubes to get great sound..
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