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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. musictoear
    Thank you for the info. I am guessing you did try it and it did not work with your wa7d. I read your post. You do prefer the optical cable or just the usb?
  2. abvolt
    I have tried it if you mean connecting an external dac to my WA7d through the RCA inputs. It works fine but for me the sound signature changed so much I really didn't care for it. But it could also be the older Nuforce dac-80 I have. The thought of connecting two dac's together is a little weird not sure if one should even do that, maybe someone with more experience could lets us know.
    Bottom line is if you plan to someday use an external dac then go with the WA7 + WA7tp that's just my opinion.. 
  3. HiFiGuy528
    Yes, WA7d features RCA analog input for external analog sources.  WA7d does NOT feature RCA output like on WA7.
    That turns WA7d into a standalone headphone amp so the sound from your digital source is processed by external DAC.  Which may be better OR worst than internal DAC.  :)
  4. abvolt
    Wow thanks for the reply mike I did not know I could use the RCA inputs on my WA7d (I knew one could with the WA7), for an  external dac very good to know..
  5. melanor9
    I just recieved pair of Russian reissue Mullards  12AU7  ECC82
    Its being heard that NewSensor bought all the equipment along with brand name from UK's Mullard and started reissue. 
    Rumors are rumors, but i found them extremely drunk on highs and it didn't made hd800 as pleasant as stock Woo tubes (i have no idea what they are, my unit is pretty new and this 12AU7 marked as "Woo tested".
    Question is... should i give them another 10 hours and see if they develop better sound or should i just avoid them altogether ?
  6. melanor9
    Hi gents,
    I've just had two hour run with  russian reissue Mullard's ECC82  (http://hificomponents.ru/magazin/product/-radiolampa-12au7/ecc82-mullard)
    And they are pretty much drunk on highs. Very unpleasant with HD800. Bass its just paper-thin.
    The rumor is  that this mullards are not just a "brand-spin" but an original equipment that was brought to Russia, Well....
    Question is - should i give them some more burn-in time or they are just hopless?
  7. abvolt
    I think giving them more time is a good idea, I usually like to play mine for about a week even more sometimes. I listen to my amp 4-6 hours a day just to give an example of the time it may take for a proper  burn in. I've never tried these tubes I'll take a look thanks for the post..
  8. fudgebucket27
    Alright bought me a pair of those Sylvania jans! Can't wait for them to come.
  9. Igor01
    After having tried the Sylvania Jans in my WA7tp and not being too happy with the result (veiled highs and bloated loose base compared to the stock tubes) I took them out and ran with the stock tubes for a while.  But then got curious and decided to try the Sylvania tubes again but first clean the pins as they had quite a bit of oxydation on them.  Well, cleaner pins seem to make a big difference - I actually like the sound now more than the stock tubes, the bass is dynamic, punchy and the highs are clear.  HD800 sound good with the Sylvania's (the highs are not shrill and fatiguing) but the LCD-XC is now a bass monster with a lot of impact and body to the lows.
    Those of you who tried both the Sylvania's and the NOS Mullard CV4003's - would you say that the Mullards are a definite upgrade from the Jans?  Should one go for the cryo-treated ones or regular?  And where is the best price to get them?
  10. groovyd
    to me the mullards are a cleaner tighter jan.  jan is better for a basshead but the mullards are more controlled and even handed at both extremes.
  11. abvolt
    Just curious if anyone here has tried any of the vintage Cifte 12AU7's , I will agree with groovyd the Mullards are soo nice hard to get away from to try anything else..
  12. frankrondaniel
    I don't have them anymore, but my recollection is that they were somewhat thin and bright, maybe a little harsh on the top end?  Again, that's from memory though. I much prefer the Mullard CV4003.
  13. abvolt
    Thanks for your impressions on those tubes, the mullards I feel are the best I've tried so far..
  14. rick216
    Where did you guys buy your Mullards  12AU7??
  15. abvolt
    Here's where I get mine -->http://www.upscaleaudio.com/mullard-cv4003-12au7-vintage-new-old-stock/
    They are just awesome sounding, You'll really enjoy these..
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