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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. kugino Contributor

    that'll be a very nice setup. i'm all for it! [​IMG]
    FWIW, i've had fully balanced setups a few different times and somehow always go back to SE...don't know why, just happens that way. good luck!
  2. HiFiGuy528
    You can purchase WA7tp at a later date.  The cost is $649 + shipping.
  3. HiFiGuy528
    Consider our WDS-1 reference DAC.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as other DACs on the market, but if it's the sound you're after, WDS-1 will not disappoint.
  4. abvolt
    Can you tell us what dac chip the wds-1 uses & is it the same dac used today as when it was released.  How about some pics of it's innards, I can't find any thanks..
  5. Jeb Listens

    abvolt, that would be my dream DAC ! Are you considering getting it for your wa7 set-up ? Most likely that would be my next upgrade.
  6. melanor9
    Wow, I'll double that. Tell us why it came out so sweet and what philosophy/board logic is behind it.
    M-DAC is pretty damn sweet to my ears, its just not powerful enough (tad lil' bit) to drive hd800.
  7. HiFiGuy528
    We can talk DAC chips all day and name drop parts brands, but at the end of the day it's the final result that matters - the music.  I urge you to give WDS-1 a try.  We don't make products with fancy parts to catch eyeballs.  We design and build solid, tried and true, no gimmicks, timeless products.  
  8. groovyd
    that may be true but most equipment fanatics like to know what makes a product great on the inside.  at the end of the day most of us are geeks and enjoy the blinky lights.  i'd love to see internal shots of Woo products, especially the WA7+tp as those are what I have.   
  9. HiFiGuy528
    We designed a custom screw head and tool for WA7 so people can't open it.  We're chiefs with a secret recipe.  [​IMG] 
  10. Jeb Listens
    inside the WA7 is a smaller WA7.  Inside that one a smaller one.   Then a smaller one.   Then a smaller one.  And a smaller one. 
    In all seriousness though, the WDS-1 is one of only a couple of DACs I could imagine wanting to share desk-space with my WA7 + WA7tp.    However, I always thought it would be cool if Woo released a standalone upgraded (tube) DAC in the same style case as the WA7.  Imagine three of these units lined up on a desk.
    Maybe one day......
  11. EdmontonCanuck
    It's WA7's all the way down! lol
  12. HemiSam
    Just look at Woo's website http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wds1.html  You'll see they use a Texas Instruments PCM 1795 http://www.ti.com/product/pcm1795
  13. groovyd

    Doesn't really stop the thief, only the curious.
  14. malla1ml
    Hey everyone, I've been eyeballing this for setup for quite a while and with the Massdrop currently going on, I decided to join the fun.  Aside from the Mullards and Sylvania's, does anyone have any recommendations for other tubes to try from upscaleaudio?  I've already got the Mullards in my cart but I really hate to pay for shipping since I'm so close to free shipping.  My current cans are LCD-2 rev1, LCD-3f, TH-900, K7XX, HE-500 and hoping to add the HD800's down the road.  I typically enjoy more of a warm/dark sound but I'm open to trying different sound signatures.  Since I'm new to tubes any help would be appreciated!
  15. groovyd
    get 2 sets incase you have an issue with one.  eventually you will be glad you did.
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